Fourth of July Weekending

Monday, July 6, 2015

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Sorry to be the bearer of not so happy news but... on the positive Christmas is just 6 months away. Haha, just kidding but no really. Anywaaaaayyy, how about that glorious long weekend??? Mine was super relaxing and totally non-productive as in all I did was celebrate birthdays, holidays and no work days and it did not suck. My oldest teen, I can say that now because I officially have 2, is at the beach with her BFF until tomorrow so it was just me, the boy and girl #2. And the rain... oh yeah... it rained and rained off and on all weekend. We did get to the local fireworks show on Friday and it was fun... a little red, but fun! But mostly the rain kinda kept us in which is ok by me cause no heat and bugs. We celebrated Spencer's 13th bday all weekend long, went to see Inside Out which was awesome, grilled out, ate fancy doughnuts and greasy breakfast and just hung out together. The kids had friends over, the dog slept and I caught up on laundry, Netflix, my DVR and a teeny tiny bit of housework. It was a nice chill weekend!

The birthday cake of choice was some sort of raspberry dark chocolate obscenity from Publix, and it was amazing. And there were fireworks. 

We made a special trip to Dutch Monkey Doughnuts on Friday followed up by birthday dinner round two for the boy at Carraba's with Lobster Ravioli. We also made our holiday weekend pilgrimage to Waffle House on the 4th and Mommy had some bloody Mary's on the deck Sunday after my first attempt at Eggs Benedict. That was another special birthday request... my kids seriously will eat all the best stuff! We also did a little grilling up some good burgers and Mexican street corn. It was a really good eating weekend with a series of cheat days strung together as holidays and birthdays tend to go around here!

Time to hit it hard this week with some good healthy food and some solid exercise. 

How was your 4th?

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  1. If I could jump through the screen and eat every bit of food posted I would. Glad you had a great weekend! Oh and happy belated to your son!

  2. YUM to all. I'm in the same boat - in need of healthy food and solid exercise this week.

  3. I drank my weight in festive jell-o a workout was MUCH needed today! Looks like you had a blast!

  4. Oh I can't even with all the delicious food!!! xo, Biana =BlovedBoston

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I would like all of that food now please haha

  6. Well, thanks a lot. This post just made me hungry, and I want all the food!

  7. hahaha i totally started christmas shopping last week. i want to get it all out of the way before like october.

  8. i haven't even thought about xmas yet but i LOVE it. i'm ready for those cooler temps. atl in august is hell. loved reading about the celebrations over the weekend!

  9. The food on this post, just makes me so happy. I've heard of Publix, don't have one here, and I never knew they made cakes like that. That cakes would make me move just to eat it. Loved this post.

    Kia / The House of KTS

    1. Publix is awesome and they have an amazing bakery! All the food in this post made me very happy too!