Humpday Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Humpday is upon us once again so what can I confess? 

Blake & Miranda got divorced. Honestly I don't care. I predicted this months ago when she won 27 awards at the CMA's or whatever and never thanked her husband once. Who does that??? Someone who's getting a divorce. On the plus side Blake Shelton is back on the market. Blake... call me. #youcanrideinmylittleredwagon

I confess it's so freaking hot in Atlanta right now I hate it. I want to do things outside but seriously this happens after like 5 minutes out there. I sweat like a guy, this is not good. My hair only looks dry at work and that's a damn shame. #perpetualswampass #sweatinglikeamofo #shirleyyoucantbeserious

Is anyone watching RHONY? I confess I love that even though these ladies are hella loaded they are pretty much like my friends and I. Countess Louann is the shit this season bringing home strange men on vacation again. Pretty sure she is my fake french countess spirit animal. #cringeworthy #ikindaloveit #teamlou #becoolhunnybunny

Did you know this? I confess that I did not. I thought it was one person playing the role. #huh #hurryupseasonfour

So this week my washing machine broke because, you know, the universe hates me and nothing bad has happened to me since I got that speeding ticket last month.

Good news is one of my guy friends just happened to be here when it happened... and knows how to fix it.... and as soon as I get the part he has volunteered to do that for me. And I will make him dinner. #beatscookingforthemaytagrepairman 

Happy Humpday Bitches!

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  1. stupid.effing.washing.machines. Appliances are a God send but a total pain in the ass.

  2. I actually had no clue about the little OITNB tidbit! Yep I saw the divorce coming - "they are too busy" translated to - we are not happy together LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I had no idea it was her twin playing the flashbacks.

    That divorce has been coming since the marriage happened.

  4. Ha...I just got a ticket for passing a school bus...oops. I was staring at a paving truck!! And the best part is by doing that it's automatic court. On my birthday. Awesome sauce. Fuck the Poe-lice! :)

  5. I sweat like a guy too and it is THE WORST. But I also have a super low tolerance for cold...I'm like why can't my body just pick one instead of have two horrible extremes?! I didn't know that about OITNB! That's so interesting.

  6. over the weather too! i about spat out my coffee over that last quote, too funny. girl, we made it to the weekend!! cheers!