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Thursday, July 30, 2015

This was supposed to be a humpday confessions post and it has turned into a Thursday thoughts post because Tuesday night I spent half the night helping my friend try to fix my washer and maybe drinking beer on my deck... more on that later. So this is just some stream of consciousness confessing, musing, rambling,blah, blah, blah,  etc.

Can I just confess that every time I sit down to write something lately I just really hope that I can write something amazing and I just stare at the screen? Also I keep trying to organize my thoughts into topics for future posts and then... nothing happens. Actually that's not entirely true, I usually then open a bottle of wine and start playing Candy Crush or watching a Catfish marathon and ignore my blogging efforts altogether.But I did make it here today so there is that.

My 2 youngest kids came home on Sunday from almost 2 weeks with their Dad. I missed them terribly and although I love my Mom hiatuses I am glad they are back... until his weekend rolls around again and then ... See-Ya!!! My 16 year old was with me the entire 2 weeks and yes we had fun but ugh... having her privy to my comings and goings... Amy does not like this. One night she was actually rushing to make her 11:00 p.m. curfew and got home to find me not even there. Never mind where I was but she did call to check on me. WTF is wrong with this picture??? Still, I have good kids. Not complaining. But still.

Remember how my washing machine broke? Well my man friend diagnosed it and I ordered the part so he could fix it. I decided to risk it and not pay the $20 for expedited shipping (that's like ten $2 drafts at my favorite bar right?... priorities). Guess what? The Universe shined down on me and it got shipped 2-Day Priority Mail for no extra moolah!!! The fixing unfortunately is not going as well as planned. There is either a thong or a sock stuck somewhere in it I am convinced. Round 2 tonight, keep your fingers crossed, I have about 20 loads of dirty laundry piled up.

As a blogger I hate saying things like "sorry I wasn't here yesterday " because really, I know you are busy and I don't presume that you will always ever notice my absence from this place but I notice. I have been mentally not all there lately and running hither and yon every night it seems... which is when I like to write. Couple that with new job being much busier than the old one and summer and some new friends to hang out with and you just get less blog time. I am really hoping that when the kids head back to school we, mainly me, can get some routine back! Ugh... one more week.

My eating for this last 6 weeks of summer has been pretty atrocious too. I would say 50-50 if I want to be honest. And trust me the 50% crap part is making me feel like total shit. I have been pretty active so I haven't gained any weight/inches back but I need to stop. Hello August, you are going to be my bitch as far as food goes. 30 days of serious 80-20 or 90-10 until my birthday in September. Possibly a second Whole30, have not decided if I can truly commit to that yet.

I finally bit the bullet and hired some landscapers to come and do a major cleanup in my yard this weekend. I got a nasty-gram from my homeowners association so I guess it's time. I HATE yard work and with the heat we have been having "a little trimming" is not enough. Everything is covered in new growth in a week. So it's all getting chopped in half or yanked out on Sunday. And by the way... FU homeowner's association, you can still suck a bag of dicks.

And that's about it for today!!!

Cheers folks!


  1. totally with you. august is gonna be my BITCH as well. i had a fellow blog friend unfollow me bc i said "sorry for not blogging yesterday" which is think is ridiculous, so i don't mind you saying it! yay for working appliances!

  2. I was just about to leave a comment when I noticed what Elle posted. Someone unfollowed you for being polite and caring about their feelings? People are cray. Good luck with the laundry issues. I hate doing it but if my washer or dryer were to break I would freak out.

  3. Having laundry down at my house would be a disaster and I don't even have kids. I hope it gets resolved soon!! And jeez it's summer, don't worry too much about how your eating has gone. I'm starting Whole30 Monday and I'm freaking out. I may reach out for tips since you were such an awesome inspiration when you did yours! and hey - a thursday thoughts post instead of a confessions post means we're that much closer to the weekend!

  4. I'm seriously hoping the laundry get's fixed for you - that is the worst!!! I hear ya on not eating 100% right - it's so hard in the summer! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Yay free expedited shipping! I break down prices the exact same way hahahah - this is so many drinks

  6. I hope your washer gets fixed asap! It sucks to be without one.

  7. I have a few choice words for Homeowners Associations. We got a letter bc we had a cooler on our porch. A freaking cooler!

    That's awesome you have someone to fix your washer, it's life changing when you don't have one that works!