Friday Favorites 4th of July Edition

Friday, July 3, 2015

Because 'Merica that's why. Funny #4th_of_July_party_invitations.

Oh muh goodness did this week fly by or what??? Hello, we are currently half way thru the year of 2015 and ... what in the effing hell happened here??? So this weekend is the 4th of July and I for one am really looking forward to some pool time, lazing around and just general slobbery with my kiddoes. Most of my usual partners in crime are out of town so I am using it as an excuse to just do the family thing and hole up and hibernate a little. I said a little, don't be surprised if you see me out and about at least once or twice. That FOMO thing tho... still got me like the plague this summer.


Please don't hate this just because the Biebs is in it. It's really good... I mean come on... Skrillex & Diplo. Great jam.


My 16 year old hates it but I really love the fun food tattoos. I already have my cupcake and not sure what I will do next but I love this one!! How funny it it??? My 9 year old gave it the stamp of approval.

I don't wanna taco bout it!


Ok so I am not really big into sunbathing anymore for obvious shoeleather reasons. Although I am out in it all the time I wear like 45 sunblock so I stay pale and I like to be tan.. tan equals looking thinner and healthy and glowing... in my mind anyway. I am a self tanner addict and this is the best one I have found from Sun Labs. The dark sunsation is my favorite, it goes on like chocolate pudding so you can see where you are rubbing it in. It really starts to develop quickly but if you can put it on at night you will wake up with a great base the next day!  



My favorite local doughnut shop is called Dutch Monkey Doughnuts and they make this amazing Bacon Wrapped Maple glazed confection (they serve it drizzled with hot maple syrup) that has been calling my name lately... this weekend you are mine little doughnut!


I need this Maria Sharapova Night Dress and it's on sale for a fraction of the original price... $51.97 originally $130.00... should I??? Perfect for Fall Friday night mixed doubles... hmmmmm


Sci-Fi nerd alert... Falling Skies final season started last week on TNT and it was sooooo good. I will be sad to see it end as I am a huge Noah Wyle fan since  the ER days. Check it out if you like the humans vs. aliens type of thing! And becasue Noah Wyle is hot too that's why. Mmmmm Beard.


The stupid American edition...

What is he even doing and why? 

22 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Right Now

This is just some bad fucking luck right here...

22 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Right Now

Captain America... #dead

22 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Right Now

Hey dude... gravity. #dead

22 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Right Now

This is why you should sit your ass on the beach and drink cold drinks on vacation. And that's it or you could be #dead, like this guy.

22 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Right Now

Happy Fouth Y'all. Stay safe.

Don't blow yourself up. 

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  1. The taco tattoo!!!!!!! I love that so so so soooooo much!!!! Have a very happy, sparkly, celebratory holiday weekend :)

  2. i love sunless tanning; i do mine weekly to maintain both on my face and my body. however, it's hard to get my back unless i get my husband to do it so i probably look like ross on friends LOL

  3. DUDE! That song is my shit! I watched the video last night and I seriously fell in love! I like his new style a lot! I hope he doesn't turn back into a douche.

    I'm back on the blogger platform!!!!

  4. Bacon wrapped donut, yum! The dress is fabulous! The dude face planting into the rock, my goodness! Ouch!

  5. That firs gif is awesome!!! Hope you had a great 4th girlie!!

  6. yes i love that damn JB song. it's so good and everyone i play it for has no idea it's him on the song. taco jokes will never not be funny. i always chuckle.