Humpday Confessions & Hashtag Fun

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When we make regular examinations of conscience, we become quite aware of how much we can rack up in one day.

Ok so yes I do... and that means confession time is here. So lez go...

I volunteered to make an event program for an FSU alumni event next week just so I could go for FREE and meet Coach Jimbo Fisher. Newsflash... I have no idea how nor do I  have time to do it so like a good Mom, I bribed my 16 year old with a Zac Brown concert tank top to do it for me. Still cheaper than the price of the ticket to the event.... #helpyourselfish #briberyforthewin

I totally feel like I am sucking at life since I went back to work. Mostly all of the little mundane crap like oh I don't know... cooking, cleaning, laundry... seems to be falling to the wayside in favor of kids activities and Amy's personal fun time on the weeknights and weekends. #askmehowmuchicare

Ever since my daughter got her licence I have been slaving her with trips to the grocery store, gas station, shuttling her siblings around. I love it and I feel freeeeee... if I have to pay for all this extra insurance I am damn well getting my money's worth! #16yearsaslave

I have been craving cheesecake. Like I want to roll around in it craving it... Don't know why... and I was thinking back lovingly to the last time I ate it. Pretty sure it was last July for my son's birthday. I think that entitles me to a trip to the Factory soon. #staytunedfor #cheesecakefactoryflow #itsgonnabeahashtag

I'm still in a perpetual state of irritation by the constant presence of one or all of my children every weekend that is supposed to be mine. As in kid free. I think I am going to have to go out of town to get away from them. #motheroftheyear #nominateme #runningawaydoessolveproblems


Happy Humpday Betches!

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  1. when my kid starts to drive, you bet she's going to be my chauffeur just like i'm hers now! payback's a bitch! LOL kidding. but not really.....

  2. I would totally use a kid as a driver if I was paying for their insurance. No shame!

  3. Since starting "real life job" in January, I've been such shit at all things housework. Almost to the point of slovenly. I considered it a win that I vacuumed half the house this weekend. I don't live in a mansion.. so really it's unacceptable, but what about my ME time?! I have to give Mr. Scrooge praise for doing the dishes, but when it comes to everything else, that seems to be my job which I get no reward for. What gives?

  4. Running away does fix things! Hahahahahaha - Yeah, I feel slightly awful when all I want to do is runaway from my son. But - it's better for both of our sanity

    And cheesecake - drools

  5. Oh man, I feel you on the sucking at life thing lately. Since the BF is out of town I do nothing, nothing but Netflix binge after work instead of anything productive like doing dishes or going to the gym. The struggle is real.

  6. wait isn't that what 16 year olds with a license are for? chauffeuring and designated driving?

  7. My mom totally did the same thing for me. And my 18th birthday was a HUGE celebration because then I could buy her cigarettes too. I don't know if she left the house for days at a time.

  8. I have low carb cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for my birthdays. So good! I think you need to run away this weekend! ;)

  9. Did your 16 y/o make that - better than some marketing people I work with! Oh gosh that last gif is too funny! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston