Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy  Humpday people. I hope everyone is having a great week. It's the last week of school here and we are crammed with activities as usual. Soooo time to confess a lil bit of what is buzzing around in my head right about now.

Do you do this? I have hypothetical conversations in my head, and sometimes out loud, all the time. It's generally the same few with the same cast of not so hypothetical people in my life.

Something is wrong with my brain lately I just can not focus and/or concentrate on anything. I just want to lay around and nap in my spare time. I'm really kind of pissed that I didn't do more of that when I was unemployed. Why is that? We always think we would kill for time off then we blow it by being awake all the damn time and mostly productive.

I come home from work every day and after I finish with whatever the activity of the night is I can't wait to get my pj shorts and a big sloppy T-shirt on and get in my bed. But I don't sleep, I just slob for a few hours. And maybe I get up to eat and/or feed my chillins. Someone came to the door the other day and I was straight up embarrassed... for about 2 seconds... because why are you coming to my door disturbing me?

I have all of these books and magazines stacked up just waiting to be read too but that lack of focus thing got me there too.


The sound of everyone talking to me after work is also supremely annoying as of late. I am definitely one who requires a certain amount of daily silence. I thinks this is partly why marriage doesn't seem to work very well for me.

The Bachelorette is back on.

Confess... what ya got?


  1. ugh all the talking; i can't stand it. i don't know how some women can just yammer on ALL.DAY.LONG and not tired themselves out.

  2. Glad you're having a good week girl!! I definitely need my quiet time or I'd go nuts!!

  3. I am all about daily silence. I need peace and quiet.

  4. I love daily silence and getting home from work, taking off my pants and chillaxing. I feel you!

  5. I have hypothetical convos in my head all the time! And then I'm like, "We talked about this last week..." and the other person is like "umm.... no we didn't." Oops. I'm with you on daily silence too, particularly before I'e had my coffee on any given day.

  6. That's about how many fucks I give about the bachelorette being back on too. I'd say i need silence too - but just the talking kind, otherwise I need background noise at all times, because I'm a weird like that.

  7. Oh my gosh i feel ya on the silence - i share an office so let's let that one sink in lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston