Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey there! I had a super productive weekend and it was really pretty awesome. I am not sure how exciting it was but sometimes the act of trudging along and getting shit done is not that exciting but oh so rewarding. I had one of those type of weekends.

Friday night was deck drinking at my neighbors... see the view above. My deck is down below in the woods, hers is up the hill, much better view! Saturday I had my tennis playoff match and we fought hard but came up short. The way it works is that each set of teams has 5 matches to play and the first team to take 3 wins advances to the next round. We lost the first, won the second, lost the third and the fourth... which was me... and down we went. I hate losing. I know it's recreational sports but dammit... I want to win. On to the next season. Mixed doubles for summer... my fave! I have to say, after losing some poundage, I have never moved on the court faster and with more effectiveness than I did this season. Given that and the play off run I say victory was mine in the end. But still... losing blows. Here are a few of my ladies, they made me take a group selfie because i'm so good at it. I tried to explain it doesn't work the same with four people. But still we look cute!

I had kids this weekend and we just did our thing the rest of the weekend. We ate, hung out and did large amounts of yard work on Sunday. I confess, I hate the yard work. My ex-husband used to be a huge yard guy and then when he wasn't we had a service, so it has never been my thing. I have really, really let my shit go for awhile now because I am just pissed about it. I am pissed that I am stuck with all of it and even though I wanted my house, I just get overwhelmed. But... the kids and I knocked out the trimming of all the bushes, raking out flower beds, pressure washing walkways and driveway, and generally neatening things up this weekend. Oh my goodness... what satisfaction I felt seeing it coming back to looking pretty again. My ex just sucked the joy out of every thing for me and especially where my house was concerned. I can't really explain why but his laziness just made me pissy and less likely to do the things that were always his typically.... yard work. But me and my little team knocked it out the park this weekend and the house looks like we can take some pride in it again. So satisfying. My daughter's boyfriend and his Dad helped us with all of the pressure washing and not to sound like a total girly girl but Oh Lawd, do I appreciate having some men around!!!

Sunday night I  made a favorite poached salmon recipe that I will be sharing this week and just relaxed a little. I'm gonna be sore and sleeping good! Here's a few snaps from the weekend!

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  1. i'm all for empowering women but shit, sometimes you do need a man around to do things you dont want to do like take out the garbage, yard work, kill big scary spiders and go to home depot because i hate that place, you can never find anything there and it's so poorly organized....probably because it was organized by a man.

  2. Visiting from the link up! Those donuts look delicious! I'm all for being an independent lady but I'm so not above getting my dad, brother or boyfriend to do "man jobs"!

  3. OMG I need that poached salmon recipe, that looks soooo good. I have mixed feelings about yard work, sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes I really just want to pay someone. my beau wont let me though, he loves the yard work so I just gotta let him do his thing.

  4. Sorry about the loss!

    Great job on the yardwork. I hate hate hate it. MFD works Saturday and Sunday so a lot of yard work falls to me.

  5. Yardwork is not fun and a lot of work! Getting it done makes you feel good but I dread it too.

  6. Productive weekends are the best! So glad you guys had such a great time!

  7. Such a productive weekend! I'm sorry you guys lost your tennis match, but like you laid it out - you really did win!! Also can't wait for that salmon recipe! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston