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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

So the good news is that it is already Wednesday. The bad news is that the torrential rains that have been plaguing TX and OK are now in GA. Thank the Lord that we are much farther above sea level and shouldn't be affected as badly but ... it's been raining and raining and raining and the forecast is... #fuckyourhair #itsnothappening

I confess I keep saying I am deleting my POF profile but I just haven't been able to give up the comedy aspect of it. Take for example these two charmers. #1 is just funny.. ok... worship me please. But why did you spell Hello like that??? #2 I think his name is a play on "Sincere" maybe? Most likely he just can't spell. Also my profile clearly states that I live in metro Atlanta as does he so at the approximate time I got his message last night the monsoon was in full affect all over the city. So yes dumbass it's raining where I'm at. And if you can't manage to upload your profile pic in the correct orientation we can't even be friends. #iminhell #datingformorons #plentyofstankyfish

I have a new Netflix binge watching addiction... The L Word. I don't know how it happened exactly but I am hooked. I think that subconsciously this might have something to do with my current relationship status and overall lack of enthusiasm for the opposite sex and their shit. But... based on this show I would probably last zero point six seconds in a lesbian relationship. Bitches are high maintenance. Did anyone ever watch this? #notswitchingteams #butjenniferbealsisstillhot #whatafeeling

This is really all I see when I look at her...

My allergies have been really awful for the last few days which means I keep sneezing. I've had 3 kids and repeated sneezing often causes me to about piss myself as I run to the ladies room as fast as possible while needing to pee my pants. Why does someone always stop me in the hall to chat when this happens? I imagine my face to look a little something like this... #whenyagottago #getouttheway

I love my new job but being a contractor means that I did not get paid for the Holiday which sucks giant donkey balls. Why must you keep punishing me universe? Please, please throw me a bone for a change and bring big dollars to my bank account. #makeitrain #fortheloveofGod #andalsolookatherhair

And yesterday was Stevie Nicks' birthday and I have to say I have always loved Fleetwood Mac and Stevie but I about burned a whole in the Rumours album this year during my ups and downs thus far in 2015... this song... could listen to it over and over. Happy Birthday Stevie... #dreamsunwind #lovesastateofmind

Happy Humpday Betches. 

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  1. i just finished watching Bosch - so good. i have the L word in the queue so i'll give it a go and see how it is.

  2. i'm all for suggestions on netflix. i can't find anything good, so i'll check this out.

  3. I heard The L Word is good!

    LOL @ plenty of stank fish. Indeed. WHY why why can't people spell you instead of u? Two more letters.

  4. Dont delete POF! Please! I need your hilarious posts about it! PS - I love Stevie Nicks and FM so so so much. Great taste in music, girl!

  5. Serious the humor in POF is just too much to delete it. Pure entertainment. I have heard good things abut the L Word but never watched it.

  6. Don't delete POF!! You HAVE to share them with us!

    I got SO into the L Word for awhile and jennifer beale truly made me question my sexuality. What a great show! It was the first show where I could LOVE a character, then HATE them then LOVE them then HATE them so many times. SO many times. Ugh I'm so jealous that you have the whole series ahead of you!

  7. man, aren't the "men" in Atlanta the best? bless their hearts. also, what do people do with all the extra time they have by not using the first two letters of "you" ??