10 Things I Learned At Girl Scout Camp

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So as you all know if you follow my snap chat or just me in general I went camping last weekend with my girl scout troop. While it's true that I am not much of a camper I did enjoy it for the most part. The location was amazing, weather was absolutely perfect and there were no major catastrophes. Unless you count my co-troop leader and I getting a called to the principal's office which was a backwoods trail, within the first 30 minutes of the trip. In our defense we felt the whole thing was extremely unorganized from the get go, which it was. I am a planner so I don't suffer planning fools lightly. I may have said in passing that it was a complete &%$#ing shitshow out loud but I really thought I said it in my head. So... we got in trouble for cussing. Oops, my bad. But anywho, I learned a lot this weekend and much of my camp lessons are just good old fashioned life lessons too. So here are my top 10, so I can do the 10 On Tuesday thing with Karli.

1. Don't Run. Seriously, number one rule, there is no running in camp. Ever. Things can come up out of nowhere and trip you up like tree roots, large rocks, married guys on Tinder (that's a life lesson). Things will go much more smoothly if you just walk. Whatever you need will be there when you get there. Save the running for when you meet those creepy Tinder guys later in life campers!

2. Everyone Loves Tacos. Who would have thought that you would go camping and be served tacos for dinner??? Not this girl! But what do you know, we didn't get hot dogs,hamburgers, baked beans... we got tacos. Because everyone loves tacos, especially cold tacos in the woods that you have to wait in line for like an hour for. Yummmmm!

3. Don't Swear In Front Of Children. Ok so the obvious reason is that it is setting a bad example blah, blah, blah. But for real, those little shit's will rat you out in a heartbeat. And if they don't they might just repeat what you said which can be disastrous as well like  "but Mom you said that lady in the green shirt is a stupid heifer... what's a heifer?". That's when you walk away and pretend the kid is not yours. Bye Felicia.

4. Immodium, Don't Leave Home Without It. If you are ever going to be somewhere for a long period of time and are just not sure of the bathroom sitch and don't want to risk it I recommend Immodium. This is something I learned over the years as a boat owner. If you can delay things till you are back on land all the better for you. This works well for camping trips too or when you are forced to eat cold tacos in the woods.

5. Ten Year Old Girls Never Shut Up. NEH.VER.

6. EZ Up EZ Down. If you buy a tent that says it goes up in 2 minutes just know that the first gust of decent wind that comes along might also cause half of it to cave in in two minutes. Thus resulting in restaking, tightening, re-tieing and adjusting for roughly the next 6 hours off and on. Then you return it to Costco the next day.

7. S'mores Are Not Always Good. Say whaaaat? It's true. If you are only allowed to use 1/12 of a Hershey bar it's like eating some sand crackers with a hint of chocolate. I didn't even mention the gluten free, dye, free, dairy free, flavor free marshmallow. Because why bother.

8. Everyone Is Allergic To Something. Like me, I'm allergic to bullshit. Like if someone at camp has a life threatening peanut allergy perhaps you should let attendees know prior to showing up with a huge cup full of cajun boiled peanuts I bought at the gas station on the way in. Sorry, off track there. This goes back to poor planning, which as it turns out is my allergy.

9. Nothing Beats Making Memories. I love my bed and Netflix on the weekends but my little girl and I got to share something really cool this weekend. We made memories together and she made memories with her little friends that will be carried forever. BOOM.

10. You Can Do Anything For One Day/Night. Really, even hang out with 250 girl scouts and a bunch of over achiever Moms. If I can, anyone can. Checking it off the list! No ragrets.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hahaha, Love this and the snaps! I will repeat myself...... You were def THE COOLEST Mom there!

  2. lol the never shutting up. isn't that every kid?

  3. Ummmm wtf buy any kind of marshmallows other than real ones?!?!? Ewww! And I feel like kids in general talk and talk and talk and talk. Hahaha. You got in trouble! Best watch that potty mouth ;)

  4. lol i am allergic to poor planning as well. and um... marshmallows are naturally gluten free, wtf is wrong with people. well, the ones i buy are anyway, just the normal ones. i don't know if they are all that other shit free because i don't care. lol @ cussing and getting called to the principals office. sounds like you need to plan the next one ;)