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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's that time again for me to tell you some of the things I may or may not be proud of, trying to hide, in denial about, completely irrational and or obsessed over. Confessional time up in hurr. Linking up with Kathy, Nadine, Laura and Lauren

I confess I have been on a ginormous shopping spree lately. I seriously have not freshened up the work wardrobe or even casual wardrobe in a minute, it's time. I have been getting great deals so I don't feel too guilty. Got 4 work tops at Banana Republic all 40% off last weekend. This is my new fave in Navy of all colors. Is it wrong that I now want to go back and buy it in every color? #thatjustmakessensetome #newclothesmakemyheartgoboomboom

product photo

I have also invested in a bunch of new sandals and heels. Good Will-ing some of the old worn out stuff. I feel 1000% better putting on something new and fresh every day. #dressshabbilyandtheyrememberthedress

So far I have concert tickets purchased for 2 shows this summer. Lynyrd Skynyrd and Brad Paisley. Woop!! Excited about those but feeling like all the shows I am really itching to see are skipping Atlanta. WTF... I usually average like 5 or 6 for the summer. Not acceptable. #concertgameweak #butthenagainBradPaisley

I finished my singles tennis season last night and I officially lost every single match. My game is improving and My coach says the winning will come. But seriously you guys, I am so disappointed. On the one hand I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone, it was scary not having played singles since my teens. That's 30 years y'all! On the other hand there were moments on the court when I was so frustrated with my errors that I felt tears well up. TEARS!!! Like a pouting child. The best thing about singles is you get to play your own game and not worry about a partner. The worst thing is if you fuck up it's all on you and you can't blame your dumb partner. Aaannd... my dumbass signed up for another season. I start June 11th. I will get this. #gluttonforpunishment #yougoGlennCoco

Speaking of tennis did I mention I found a new partner on Tinder? Remember when I changed my profile description to this?

Yeah well it worked. My new partner is new to Atlanta, 31 and very cute. He also seems like a genuinely nice guy albeit a little young for dating me. Right now it's just tennis though. And he is a phenomenal player, better than any of the other guys on our team. You guys should have seen some of the faces when I showed up with him last week. If you read my blog at all you might remember "old stupid I can't make up my mind" tennis guy. #youcannotbeserious #suckstobeyou 

I emailed the recruiter from the big job I'm waiting on hearing back about on Monday to follow up/touch base/status update. And... still waiting for a courtesy response. It's Wednesday and there was no out of office reply or anything. Am I wrong or is this bordering on not acceptable? #crickets

I mentioned I might have a get together over the holiday weekend and suddenly it appears to be turning into a birthday celebration of sorts for some other person. I don't want to have a birthday party. I want to have a cookout and celebrate the U.S.-Fucking-A. #dontjackmyparty

And on that note I have to go blow off a plethora of group texts about jacking my party. Happy Humpday!

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  1. I really love that top!
    Heck yes to concerts! #ConcertsMakeMeHappy
    I cannot stand when people do not send courtesy emails! Or when they say they will notify you regardless on the outcome of a job & then NEVER say anything #HowRude

  2. I love love love that Banana top! Navy is my black of summer!!! Yay for new tennis partners, showing up everyone else :) Here is to hoping you hear something soon. Dont these people know they are playing with someone's livelihood?? Answer the email!!!

  3. I'm in awe about your tennis skills! I don't think I would be very good, but I'm also not really motivated to do anything physical in the evenings/weekends that isn't a quick workout!! I need photos of this new hot guy!!

  4. I would assume all major summer tours to hit Atlanta. Weird.
    I remember your snap about your potential new tennis partner. Go you!
    And, yes, I'd go get another top in the same color. That is absolutely something I'd do.

  5. I can absolutely feel your frustration with the loss in singles matches - especially when you know how good you were...I was never comfortable playing doubles because I didn't like to rely on people LOL! Love all the new things you've been buying! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston