Humpday Confessions & #HASHTAG Humpday

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Where to begin on this awesome humpday??? This is going to be a totally random confession post which I think is what I do best. First and foremost I want to say thank you for all of the words of encouragement and positive thoughts on my interview yesterday. I don't think it could have gone any better all things considered. (considering I hate interviewing) The panel interview has never been a fave but I think I aced it. Talking about things I have done in my career in terms of  "situation, action and outcome" for an hour and a half was challenging but I was prepared and didn't miss a beat. The amount of heads nodding around the table while I was talking gave me a pretty good read on how my answers were received. I walked out of there like Queen B. #nailedit

I always agonize over buying new expensive work clothes because every office is pretty much biz casual nowadays. I can honestly say that I am so freaking glad that I purchased an entirely new outfit and shoes for my interview. I felt like I looked amazing from head to toe. #becauseIdid #didyouseemysnaps

I am officially approaching  the end of my 3rd week at work after my "last day". Mondays are particularly fun as people come to my cube and peek around the corner with one eye and get legit excited when I am still there. This is going to make it harder to leave though. #thesearegoodproblemstohave #lastcontractorstanding

Did I mention I am going Girl Scout camping with seven 10 year olds this weekend? Me and camping are not like peas and carrots. We arrive at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning and leave 10 Sunday morning so it's really not too bad. Kidding... It's going to be freaking torturous considering I only like maybe 2 of the kids going and one of them is mine. Ugh. Oh and also it's a Harry Potter theme. If I don't make it back I will miss you guys. #notmyjam #HolidayInniswhaticallroughingit #wehavebearsinGA

Remember that girl I talked about here? The #thinkshershitdontstink girl who won't exchange pleasantries with me at work? Yeah her, ran into her at 5:00 in the elevator lobby yesterday. Just her and I. So I say "Hey". She turns, looks at me, blank stare, turns and faces the elevator doors. WAIT WHAT. I wanted to scream... Hellooooooo! at the top of my lungs and add "are you deaf?" but she is a director and could have me fired so I'll just chalk it up to her maybe possibly being severely hearing impaired and also RUDE. #icanteven #andyouhavecankles #suckstobeyou

I have been really rethinking the amount of time I have wasted on this one person over the last year when really... he's just not that into me. So I have been Tindering... a lot. And it's giving me so much blog material I can't even tell you. Another upside is I think I have found the perfect online dating vehicle for me. It requires zero effort. I have been swiping away and have met a couple interesting young men of late. Yes young, I have decided to go for younger this summer. #sueme  #movingon #staytuned #hellomrsrobinson

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Happy Humpday!


  1. If you interviewed as amazing as you looked, then yes, you should have been Beyoncé struttin' outta there.
    You deserve mom of the year award for that camping trip. I actually don't mind camping when someone else is there to set up and tear down for me. And supervise things. But, also, Harry Potter themed stuff in a tent? wtf? I'd advise you to smuggle alcohol, but that would be irresponsible of me.

  2. you looked amazing in that top!! glad that it went well and fingers crossed.

    that bitch - fuck her. i wouldn't even bother saying anything because ain't nobody got time for that.

  3. You totally nailed that interview outfit and are looking totally fierce!!! If they don't hire you, it is seriously their loss. Speaking of losses, man what a bitch!!! I can't believe she flat out ignored you. I hate rude people. There is this annoying guy that works in my building that wont say hi as he passes you and he sometimes will walk by you coughing without covering his mouth. I want to drop punch him. Like have some damn manners, this isn't animal planet.

    Best wishes on the camping. Nadine doesn't do camping. Ever.

  4. That woman sounds awful! Haha I tindered a lot when I first moved down to Fort Worth back in August. I definitely met some interesting people that way. You go get em cougar!

  5. Looking good . . . crossing fingers the job is yours! Girl Scout camping . . . I feel you on that one! Are you in a tent or do you at least get a cabin?!? And I can't even with the beotch in the elevator - seriously, it's killing me to know what her problem is. Summer loving . . . get it done!

  6. I'm sure you killed it yesterday! When should you hear back?

    Maybe that bitch is rude because of her hideous cankles?

  7. Well maybe you can finally tell that ho off once you are finally on your way out?! I can't believe people are so insanely rude. It's just a Hi! asshole. Or maybe you should go the complete opposite way and OVERTALK her?! Like..just start asking a lot of questions and make it super uncomfortable? I think I'd do the latter ;)
    You looked HAWT in that interview outfit, btw.

  8. Way to nail the interview, sending positive vibes your way that you get it! It sucks when people are rude, but it sounds like that lady has a giant stick up her butt. As for Tinder, I feel ya on the younger guy thing. It seems like they are more apt to want to impress!

  9. Obsessed with your interview outfit.

    Can't wait to read your cougar chronicles.

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