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Thursday, May 5, 2016


The fact that somehow by some miraculous turn of events I have lasted a full 2 weeks beyond the end of my contract date at work. Seriously you guys, I am the only contractor left from the project and that is no small feat. I have been interviewing like crazy and I must say that nothing beats interviewing while you still have a job. Talk about one thousand percent less pressure than doing it the other way around. I have another phone interview today and the biggest news of all... interview number 3 next Tuesday with the company that I really, really want to work for. If anyone knows about behavioral interviews and how to ace them please email me like pronto!


People's minds. Job descriptions. Wine labels.


The amount of time I have spent in recent years on blogging and social media. I have really been trying to figure out how to not waste so much time in general. Not that I consider my blog a waste at all but it has consumed countless hours of my life. When I was in my post divorce hermit phase it worked really well for me but it's getting harder to find the time. Aaaand if I get any of the jobs I am currently interviewing for it is doubtful that daytime blogging will be an option which is already pretty much the case with my current job. So what to do, what to do. I miss the interaction and the daily outlet for whatever is on my mind or in my world. I think the answer lies in scheduling which I have not been very good at. If you are a blogger in addition to having another career,  how many hours a week do you think you spend at it?


Grapefruit Shandy by Leinenkugel. I forgot how much I love this stuff but it's back on repeat for summer. If you like a weiss beer with a little crisp, citrus give it a try.


On all kinds of interesting job interviews. Out tonight for Cinco de Drinko of course. To do a whole lot of nothing to celebrate my Mother's Day weekend.

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  1. haha cinco do drinko. i like that. good luck on the interviews!

  2. So excited for your third interview! That's awesome. All the things crossed for you.

    I am out of the house with work (doing it/commuting) 11-12 hours per day. I usually spend about an hour on the weekend setting blogs up for the week and tend to fill in the holes with blogger on my phone. I schedule them all. I also do an actual schedule for the month so I don't waste time dithering over what to post when. There are always times when I'll feel like posting something different, and if I have the time I do.

  3. I don't think I've tried the grapefruit shandy. I love the summer shandy though! I'm debating if I want to go get some Papasitos for happy hour...probably alone. It's that or still go workout & then just get myself a 6 pack of Coronoa which is probably the better option ha.

  4. lol @ reading people's minds. grapefruit shandy sounds amazing. good luck with the interviews, i've not heard of a behavioral interview but i'm sure you'll ace it. i work full time and honestly, i get to work earlier than i need to and i blog then. sometimes i blog during my lunch or during the work day in between small tasks (like i am now) and sometimes i am too busy at work for any of that, so i don't blog. i have link ups and such i participate in, but i don't have the 'time' like i used to where i would visit a shit ton of blogs every day. i just don't have the energy and i have other things to do, so i have definitely scaled back, but i still do it obviously. as soon as it becomes a chore, i take a break. that normally coincides with other shit that is happening with life, of course. anyway! good luck with everything :)

  5. Ohhh grapefruit shandy is the best!!! Hurray for your third interview!!! I wish you all the best with that. I have never had a behavioral interview before so I cant help you there. As far as blogging goes, I have three posts figured out each weekend shenanigans, confessions and Friday favorites. If I have time to do something on Tuesdays and Thursdays...great....if not I skip. It doesn't take me long at all to crank out a blog post, all my time is tied up in reading other people's posts and replying back to comments. I spend way more time than I would like to admit doing that throughout the week.

  6. For me, I stand at a counter in a jewelry store waiting for customers to come, I have time to look "busy" by "working" at the laptop...that's a lot of my blogging time. If I didn't do it then, I don't know when I'd work it into my life.

    Continued good luck to you with your interviews!

  7. Good luck with the interviews! And I always enjoy the return of summery beers :)

  8. if you find the secret, let me know on time management with blogging. i wake up at 6, do blog stuff until 9, come home at 7 and do blog stuff until 1130. i miss when there was no social media and a lot fewer blogs.

  9. Wine labels are important. -nods-

    While it may not be a 'job' finding time outside of child rearing hours can be difficult (for me anyways) as well. Not sure how some of the top mommy bloggers do it. Maybe their kids all spend time screaming in contained areas. -shrugs-

  10. So exciting all the job prospects! And I don't even work and can't get blogging done so I got nothing on that! It's not an easy balance for sure!