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Friday, May 6, 2016

Well it's Friday again and  I for one am super happy about that. I have nothing planned this weekend. As in not a thing... for real tho. Kids are with Dad and we will celebrate Mother's day with dinner out Sunday night. To me every day is Mother's Day at this point in my life. I would much rather spend it doing what I want to do than fighting crowds for brunch. I made it out of the last seven days alive even though I had something to do every single night. Tonight I want jammies and Netflix. Unless I get tricked into to happy hour. Which is a real possibility. Let's get to the good stuff already...


I am playing a ton of tennis this summer as usual so I am going to need a new piece or two. I am gravitating toward yellow this season and love, love this Nike Victory Premiere skirt in bright yellow. The allover mesh will be perfect for the GA heat and I need a break from my typical black. You really can't wear black when it's 100 degrees and sunny on the court, you straight up roast, wither and die.

But you can wear black on the golf course and since my girls and I have decided to get back onto the course this summer I need new golf attire as well. Have  my eye on this Nike Ace Sleeveless golf dress. Just need some new golf shoes and I will be good to hit the links again. I think it might be my new dating strategy.


I have a problem and I am the first to admit it. I go in shoe spurts. When I feel like I need new ones I do a complete overhaul. In the last month I have acquired 2 new pairs of flat sandals and 6 new pairs of heels. These Unforgettable Peep Toe Pumps are one of them. Super cute and comfy on and I think cute with jeans, skirts and shorts... win, win, win. More nude, sorry can't help myself. Use my code and get $10 off your next pair, click here.


The Mac and Cheeseburger at Grub Burger Bar which just opened near me made it's way into ma belly this week and it was amaze. I mean I really don't nee to say too much here but burger perfectly cooked topped with mac n' cheese and crispy bacon. Yeah, it did not suck.


The Red Velvet Cake Shot was on deck last weekend and I am almost certain it will be had again. Ingredients are Pinnacle Cake flavored vodka, Frangelico hazelnut liquer and Cranberry juice. This would be great as a martini too with some red crumbs or sugar on the rim. If you have not tried cake flavored vodka you are really missing out. Cake makes everything better.


I splurged and invested in some schnazzy new interview thangs and this Ruffle Ribbon Blouse from Banana Republic is one of them. I know it doesn't look like much but it's really pretty on. With a black skirt I think it will be perfect! It also comes in Navy and Blush, might have to pick those up too!
Banana Republic

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  1. OMG I'm so hungry & that burger looks amazing! I love that cake vodka with root beer. It tastes like a root beer float.

  2. I love those shoes!!!! And that interview top!!! That burger looks amazing, we have a place here that puts mac n cheese and bbq potato chips on a burger. It is quite delicious! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. Love the new tennis gear! I hoep to play more this summer!

  4. that blouse is so pretty and i normally don't even wear them! i would if i had that, though.

  5. I actually miss buying tennis dresses - it was my favorite part of tournaments LOL!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I loooovvveee that blouse!! We only have a Banana outlet in my town, so I'll have to check in a few months.