Wino Wednesday - Drinking Accessories I Love and Hate

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Kids and Cabernet

 So this link up with Kids and Cabernet is supposed to be on the first Wednesday of the month but... I missed it and I drink wine every week sooo... let's go!

I drink way more wine than I should. It's true. If you follow me on IG you see me posting the same pics of my wine in various places around my house all the time. I don't really drink anything fancy and I do have a few faves that I'll get to next time. But first lets talk drinking accessories because as all good wine drinkers know its all about the stuff to go with your wine!

I own this and it is the best. I have broken every wine bottle opener on the market except for this one by Sharper Image. It works like a charm and all you do is push the button. No batteries requires, you plug it in and charge it up!


I'm sorry. I have hosted a bazillion parties in my day and I appreciate a bottle of wine as a hostess gift tremendously. What am I supposed to do with the precious sweater and hat  for the other 11 months of the year? It's just ugly and stupid. Wrap my wine in something useful, like cheese and crackers.

(stop looking for something to click on, it ain't happening)


I am always broke so I quite like the idea of sneaking alcohol into any venue in my bag so in that respect I love this. On the other hand it sort of screams old lady going to play cards. This particular one is pretty chic I think. 



I know, what am I going to do with these from Restoration Hardware the rest of the year? I don't know but it's faux fur and it's just so fluffy!!!



Ugh.....Wtf is this??? If anyone ever gives me wine in an ugly tacky shoe holder you are dead to me. But I'll keep the wine. I hate these things. Blech....


Red Solo Cup people please just stop. It's so over.

If I am drinking wine I want some little snacks to go with but I am not a juggler. This. Is. Genius. Forget parties, I will be using this every night for my evening walk to the sofa or the deck. Now I don't have to juggle wine, snacks and my phone. BOOM
5 Cool Wine Accessories


If you drink wine you simply must own a set of Riedel stem ware. They are my absolute favorite because they are thin, light and the different shapes are just so elegant. Each style is specifically designed to enhance the taste of the wine it is suited for by the size of the glass and the shape of the opening. It's some sort of witch craft I tell ya. Just buy some. They have a deal going right now too ... 15% off if you enter the code HOLIDAY at check out. Oh and they make beautiful beer glasses too that are next on my list for my new craft beer obsession. 

So those are a few of my favorite wino things. Do you have any to share with me??

6 comments on "Wino Wednesday - Drinking Accessories I Love and Hate"
  1. whaaat! that wine bottle purse holder...i need that for work so no one will be none the wiser. they should make one with a little hole for the straw that goes right into the bottle!

  2. "wrap my wine in cheese and crackers" haha! That's the best!

  3. Adding that wine opener to my wish list right now!

  4. Solo cups for wine is just NOT ok ever!! I love that wine opener you have!!

  5. I cant stand those wine holders, seriously who invented those things?

  6. "Ugh.....Wtf is this??? If anyone ever gives me wine in an ugly tacky shoe holder you are dead to me." BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Those things are TERRIBLE!


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