I'm Baaack..... from the Bullshit

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New, improved and better than ever. Well maybe not actually all of that but new anyway, as in NEW Computer and I am so super psyched!!! As I eluded to the other day my laptop took a dirt nap last Friday and although my ex attempted to fix it (because the kids use it too)... alas it was not quite the same. It was pretty much like the inbred cousin twice removed of my previous laptop. That means a window licker laptop. El stupido. No bueno. 

Fast forward to today when a bright beautiful shiny new computer arrived on my doorstep courtesy of my Mom and Dad who are the best parents on the planet Earth. Seriously though let me give you some perspective. I have never had my own laptop... not that this is in any way tragic. I have always shared one with someone in my house... husband, kids, etc. So this is a real gift for me and one that I wholeheartedly apprecitate. I don't have to tell any of you how pretty much impossible it is to function in life, let alone the blogosphere without a computer. Oh and that little thing called job hunting. I was going to bite the bullet and buy one but my sweet Mom said "let us... you have enough on your shoulders" and I cried. I cried people!!! It's so beautiful and shiny... Merlot brushed aluminum or Garnet for all of you Nole fans and haters a like. Or Merlot for my wine drinking ladies:) It may take me a minute to learn how to use all of the stuff it came with but... what else have I got going on!?!?! 

Sooooo... I missed this little place. I didn't get to my weekend recap this week so I am going to take a minute and dump some pictures on you today. I will resume regularly scheduled programming as soon as I pull my thoughts together. Like tomorrow if all goes according to plan...

Last Sunday I spent all day doing kitchen things because I had food that was on it's last legs that needed to be cooked up. And let's face it, it's December and we are in full on Holiday party season... healthy eating and drinking is going to be hard to stick to without planning for the rest of the year. So first up was Pepperoni Pizza Cauliflower Casserole. I found this awhile back on I Breathe... I'm Hungry blog and finally got around to making it. It is ahhh-mazing... kind of like cheesy mashed potatoes with a pizza twist. I used turkey pepperoni but I did everything else as per the recipe which you can find here. My only complaint is I would have doubled it because I guess my cauliflower was on the small side because it just didn't make much at all. But... it's a keeper.

And other than that I just want to throw some pics at ya... food, shopping, hanging at home and an abundance of cooking. Was a good, albeit somewhat technology free weekend...

Here is to a fabulous day!


  1. WOW that's amazing! Parents to the rescue!! Let me tell ya, as independent as I claim to be, I have absolutely no idea what I would do without mine. I cry to my dad every single time something is wrong with my car. Enjoy your new laptop!! You deserve it!! :)

  2. You parents are so sweet to give you that gift - and you are clearly so deserving and appreciative of it!! I had a dell for 7 years and loved it!! Such a great computer!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. yay!! computer! parents are the freaking best

  4. yay new computer! thats so awesome.
    Pepperoni Pizza Cauliflower Casserole sounds interesting!

  5. welcome back hooker - nice choice on laptop colors btw. I need to make that casserole now.

  6. Your parents rock.

    Love the pics especially the blogger ornament!

  7. parents are awesome! congrats on the new gadget...i can never resist new technology :)