Hoo-rag Review and Giveaway

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hey ohhhh... are you all done with your Christmas shopping??? I am not, in fact I have just a few tiny things purchased and the rest is coming from Amazon. I am the worst and I hate shopping but I love useful things that are super cool and multi-purpose. Enter one of my faves... the Hoo-rag

It's a face mask, a neck warmer, a pony tail rag, a balaclava rag, an alice rag, a head band rag,  and a pirate rag. In case you have no idea what I just said watch this...

I have 2 and I have been wearing them for a number of different purposes. I bought my skull daddy for Halloween which worked out great cause it was butt cold here and drizzling but my face was warm. 

I also love these for watching my kids sports activities in the cold, tennis, walking, running... around my face, neck or as a head band/ear warmer. I am kind of picky about sun exposure on my face/ears/neck and Hoo-rags have a 30 UPF rating which is basically very good sunscreen. I am stoked about having mine next summer too because they are moisture wicking and I sweat like a pig. I am thinking this will be a great option for sweat dripping down my face during summer tennis and windy days on the boat when your hair is flying everywhere. 

I ordered one for each of my kids for Christmas stocking stuffers and as a bonus they threw in the
Ho Ho Hoo for free.... how cute is that!

I cannot say enough about these things, they are super cool and if you have active men in your life they will love them too! Perfect for motor cycle riding, fishing, hunting, skiing, biking... you name it you can rock the rag while doing it!

My lovely Hooligans were nice enough to give me one for free to share with one of your beautiful faces. So get on it and enter below!!

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*** I received a free Hoo-rag and additional product for a give away in exchange for writing a review on this blog.***


  1. i jsut called this head gear; i had no idea they were called hoo-rag. these are wonderful and so diverse in what you can use it for.. always wear mine during cold runs on the trails

  2. I like the one you got but I also like "spot spectrum".

  3. Oh Em MF'in Gizzle.....I need one of these in my life!! I'm loving the pink digi camo that you have but I also really like the "Sword real foto" I think it's called. I wish they had the sugar skull with the black bottom rather than blue, though.