Weekending.... Party Weekend...

Monday, December 22, 2014

Twas a good weekend. We had a neighborhood party and there was fun to be had. I have lived in the same hood for almost 14 years and OMG... we have all been thru so much together. The core group that has been here since the beginning, since the neighborhood was built... we have experienced so much of life together and life long bonds have been built. Illustrated above the process of getting a good selfie after large amounts of wine... edited because I laugh, a lot ... and ruin the pictures.

Little girl had a slumber party this weekend too. So I nursed a wicked hangover and then played super Mom to host 5 nine year olds for an over night gathering.There was pizza, crafts, cupcakes, presents and running around, shrieking, cackling like hyenas, trampling like a herd of small buffalo, a waffle bar and torturing brothers and male dogs. It was a lot of fun and I still contend that home birthday parties are not only the most economical but the most fun. I have spent hundreds on location parties but all the kids really want to do is be together, run around and play. I saved a bundle and they all had a big time!

And it almost wouldn't be a weekend if I didn't sneak out for sushi with someone. So Olivia and I did yesterday,,, a little mother daughter time with Crab Rangoons and some crunchy Tempura Rolls at out fave local spot Pacific Spice where the rolls are all currently 50% off Sun. thru Thurs. BOOM


I must wrap gifts. I am determined not to be up until 2;00 in the morning on Christmas Eve. Can def enlist the oldest girl child to help, she loves wrapping!!! Lucky me!

Shopping list and plans for Christmas Eve Dinner... Prime Rib... our tradition of glorious gluttony.

More job hunting even though I feel the next two weeks will be fruitless.

Goodwill run... gotta get those receipts in for this tax year... PURGE!!!!!

What does you Monday before Christmas look like?

Have a great one!

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  1. Girl you a supermom for hosting that many children LOL!! I love that your little girl loves to wrap - makes it a little easier getting things done!! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. You go girl, hosting children with a hangover. Good lord.

    I was considering prime rib for NYE dinner.

  3. There is nothing worse than staying up until 2am on Christmas Even wrapping when we all know those presents will be torn apart 4ish hours later. Hate it! I started wrapping last night and I am determined to finish before Wednesday!!

    Sarah @

    1. I agree but the kids love to rip all the paper off sooo... we wrap our hearts out!!! Ugh

  4. I can't even move with a hangover let alone be supermom. Rock it! And definitely use your daughter for wrapping - heck I've been wrapping gifts for my parents since I was 8 years old, and I still am it seems! Merry eve of the eve of the eve!!!

  5. still have things to wrap. officially time to bag it!

  6. All the good food!!! You deserve a medal for hosting 5 9 year olds the weekend before Christmas haha

  7. Woman sleepovers are the devil, I dont know how you survived all those little girls. Phew!