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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


All things pumpkin pie flavored including the new Quest bar, which is amazing!!!


Opportunities for an adults only weekend getaway to Blue Ridge, GA.  I went a couple of years ago, cabins are super cheap and yes it really looks like this. I can't wait.


Well not yet actually because I haven't found the perfect one but the 70's floppy hat. Need. I'm loving this trend and this pin!

The New Hat-i-quette - INTRIGUE ME NOW:


Perfect fall decor. I usually do some combo of chrysanthemums and pumpkins on my front steps which are red brick. This year I am thinking all white pumpkins. Like this... 


Driving Moccasins...I have a few pairs and they are the best, most comfy flats ever!! I can't afford Tod's but a girl can dream right? Leopard love! I will be adding a leopard pair to my collection this fall!

What are you eatingexploringwearingadmiring, and collecting?

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  1. pumpkin stuffs have made it into my fridge. i made a batch of pumpkin butter, pureed a pumpkin for future use and will be making pumpkin pancakes as well to freeze :)

  2. Love the idea of white pumpkins!

  3. That view looks amazing! I know where my next trip is going to be :) And that outfit is perfection.

  4. I love driving mocs. And that front porch swag up there.

    Not a fan of the Quest pumpkin bar.

  5. Is that their real name....driving moccasins? I just thought it was a coincidence that I wear my mocs in the car to and from work! I am in dire need for new clothes/shoes, but can't seem to find any extra cash these days!

  6. An adults only getaway sounds good right about now! And that view is amazing! I love the look of the white pumpkins on the red brick steps. Very classy!

  7. Love those shoes! I may have to look into those :)

    Chels //

  8. Blue Ridge looks gorgeous. i've never heard of it but I'm going to look it up. Affordable getaways are the best!

  9. -sigh-
    i want a mountain vacation so badly!

  10. That picture of the mountains!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Where do you get cheap cabins?!?!? I've lived in the PNW for nearly 20 years, but the rest of my family lives in SC/GA. I grew up spending summers down there visiting family and making day trips to the mountains. Someday, I'd love to spend some time having a getaway up in the mountains but I always assumed it wouldn't be cheap.

    I love that hat and her HAIR!!!! I've had a strong urge to chop off my long locks, but pictures like that remind me of exactly why I shouldn't give in. :)

    Switching up decorations seasonally is such fun. :)

  11. Great. Now I want Leopard moccasins. $450 bucks for a pair? AW HAIL NAW!