Humpday Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Do you ever go through periods of time when you are just generally pissed off? I'm not talking about shark week either. Lately I am just perpetually angry and stabby. The good news is I know why. The bad news is fixing it is going to take some real intestinal fortitude and will power. Time to get some things in check and get back to being happy-ish for the most part. #ivebeenalazypieceofshit

The cool weather can not come fast enough so that I can start wearing leggings and yoga pants 24 fucking 7. Every day I walk into my closet and just stare at all of them hanging there as I cry while zipping and buttoning my real pants. And I also googled yoga pants for this one and ummm yeah... Kim Kardashians ass is just gross. What the hell??? #datnastyasstho #whatisgoingonhere #whyissherichandfamousandimnot

I got a letter from my mortgage company saying that back in 2010 when I modified my loan I signed documents for 2 different interest rates. Since it was their mistake they are honoring the better rate... 3%... fixed for the life of my loan. And they owe me money. #andthenifelloveranddied #istillhateyouwellsfargo #seestillstabby

Big Confession... I think I might need to start online dating again. I thought I was done for awhile because I met someone cool but something is off. Something just doesn't feel right and I can't shake it. I'm a lot a little sad but then again I don't like this feeling. Maybe I dodged  bullet. I think it would be good for me to meet a few new guys and get some perspective. And free drinks. #andblogmaterial #doingitformyreaders #maybeishouldadoptsomecats

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  1. Kim K's ass is fucking GROSS! There is nothing sexy about it.
    I hope you get in a better mood soon. And if it helps, I have totally done that 1st gif... Felt great actually :P

  2. I think you should probably online just so that you can tell us about all the creeps out there. I like laughing at other peoples' expense. :)

  3. 3% on a loan is fucking awesome!! Congrats to that little ray on sunshine!
    I too have felt like with the changing weather I have become so much more lazy. Like...if I close my eyes I might actually fall asleep at work. Happy Humpday love!

  4. I'm not going to lie, your online dating stories are my favorite, so I'm all for this! I've been real stabby for the past two weeks so I feel you on all of this right now.

  5. Online dating! Yes please! Bring it back!