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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Well dang, it's Tuesday already and yesterday I apparently fell of the interwebs altogether. Something about an expired card number on file and GoDaddy taking 24 hours to get their shiite together after I paid them. I can understand physically having to turn something back on like gas, water, power... but why in the Holy Hell does it take up to 24 hours to get my domain up and running??? Not cool GoDaddy and not impressed. End rant. Not that I was planning a Monday post but still. Now end of rant.

I spent a very lazy Sunday night chillaxing in my bed, binge watching Sister Wives until the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead came on. So needless to say there was no Monday post. I needed mindless slobbery. And also GoDaddy fucked me.

The weekend was a wash and I mean that literally as we had a solid 24 hours of rain here in GA courtesy of Joaquin. Hurricane weather is by far the dreariest of all. The cloud cover is so heavy you feel like it's dusk all day long which does not promote productivity. And sometimes that is a Saturday well spent. This was the last weekend of my kids fall break so I was on my own. I made some pretty amazing Pumpkin Protein pancakes for my little breakfast on Saturday, fighting the urge to head to Waffle House and pig out. So glad because these babies were the bomb.

Saturday was mostly spent watching football at home, catching up on laundry, and maybe a pumpkin beer or two. I met friends out for the second half of my game (FSU won of course) and the UGA/AL beat down. That was ugly. We may have had a few beers and took a few too many pics practicing our "fish gape" which is apparently replacing the duck face. It's awful... but funny looking when you are not J.Lo!

Sunday I got my ladies tennis match about 2/3 complete when the sky started spitting again. Another rain out to be rescheduled... ugh. We won the first set and lost the second so now we have to play a third next Saturday. Out for a quick beer and some nachos then home for the night with kiddoes returning from Dad's. It was a pretty good weekend all in all. Hope this finds it's way to getting published on Tuesday... GoDaddy I'm looking at you.

Join me tomorrow for the currently link up...  eating, wearing, exploring, admiring, collecting... hopefully!


  1. I saw your pancakes the same morning I made pancakes and it made me happy!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. The action shot of your pancakes... I dieeeeddd!!!

  3. The fish face thing is so ludicrous. I LOLOL.

    Hurricane weather is like a perma-dusk. Weird.

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