Favorite Urban Dictionary Words On A Thursday

Thursday, November 12, 2015

He has a RESTING ASSHOLE FACE: A person, usually a boy, who naturally looks mean when his face is expressionless, without meaning to, but who is actually a nice guy.:
~def: resting asshole face

I haven't done an UD post in quite some time but that does not mean I no longer read it and regularly try to incorporate it into my vocab in a pathetic attempt to be cool hunny bunny. So I thought I would give you a few recent good ones and soon to be classics I am sure. 

1. I know you know what I mean here. Come on... this is the worst when it happens at work and your mind immediately tries to figure out who... never mind

Where you sit on a toilet seat and can still feel the warmth where the previous occupant was sitting.
I felt some ghost cheeks on the toilet last night...
by Butler 808 November 03, 2015

2. As the year draws to a close and the holidays feasts are upon us I see this one coming into play pretty much weekly. If you don't agree we can't be friends. 

OCT 19

go hard as a motherfucker when you eat
"im so hungry im about to go ham and cheese in this bitch"
by ham n cheesing December 19, 2013

3. This is just funny. If you are single or just cooler than me when I was married you know how "Netflix and Chill" is the new  "come over and let's rent a movie" of the past. Turns out Netflix can in fact also be your partner...seems legit.

SEP 28
A euphemism for masturbation. Typically used by a single man or woman who has no sexual partners, save for Netflix.
Katie: "Netflix and chill for one tonight I think" 
Chris: "Make sure you take off those fake nails, don't want to snag anything"
by DoctorLove September 23, 2015

4. I have a neighbor who always looks like he wants to kill someone... and he's actually a cool guy. Turns out he just has this....

SEP 24
A person, usually a man, who naturally looks mean when his face is expressionless, without meaning to.
Nah, he's just got a resting asshole face, he's actually really cool
by fettfri_skyr September 17, 2015

5. I think I am pretty tolerant for the most part. Except in traffic/driving situations, then please GTFO of my way. And don't be this guy...

A person who impedes the flow of traffic by staying in the left lane. This person is either driving slower than everybody on the road, driving the same speed as the person to their right, or simply driving 1 mph faster than the person to their right. In all cases, they are ignoring the responsibility that comes with driving in the "hammer lane".
Driver drives in left left despite seeing the long line of cars behind them but refuses to move over to the slow lane because it isn't safe to change lanes while talking on the cellphone. This driver is a Left Lane Loser.
by Spammag June 18, 2009

Please go and peruse the Urban Dictionary some time and share your favorites with me!


  1. Ghost cheeks made me laugh really hard - I haven't heard that one!

  2. This is a very, very clever idea for a post :) I get SO MAD when I come across a left lane loser (maybe we should just call them LLLs?) And I'm going to try and incorporate "go ham and cheese" into my holiday vocabulary for sure!