Black Friday Favorites... Just A Couple....

Friday, November 27, 2015

Aaaaand just like that Thanksgiving is over. I am so ready to get on with the business of Christmas... don't know why but I am. I think I am going to surprise my kids and get as much done as possible as far as decorating goes before they come home on Sunday! Then all we have left to do togethter is the tree. Maybe...

Today is going to be short because I am on Amy-cation. That means I have 3 more days of I do what I want. Thanksgiving was actaully really quite nice. I cooked in the morning, pumpkin pies and cornbread dressing. If you follow me on Snapchat then you saw all of that. I watched my Detroit Lions destroy the Eagles, did laundry and house things before making my way up the street to the besties for dinner. We had a small but very nice dinner and I was honored to be included.

Just a couple of favorites today... deals I love


25% off everything today, I ordered a men's mystery tee for $12.50. Might keep it, might gift it. Depends on what I get. This is still my all time fave. Super soft and comfy too!

shitshow tee


I have not really talked about this too much here but I need to do a full post on waist training. If you have any interest or just like the look of a corset these are the best around. And this price is insane... the are usually double or much, much more. I have 2 and I love them! Also if you have any back issues it is really great for that too, you can't slouch! My midsection is my most hated area so I love the look that wearing a corset gives me, cinched in. The more you wear it, the better you look for sure. It works!


BOGO on the detox packs from Teami Blends today. Seriously folks, I love this stuff! It has helped me tremendously with just staying on track food wise. I highly recommend the 30 Day Detox pack as a great way to start and keep on going into the New Year! Use code blckbogo to get te deal!

Displaying IMG_7615.JPG

Displaying IMG_7615.JPG

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping... not sure what I'll be doing and I can't wait for that!

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  1. I love the Buy Me Brunch site!!!! My favorite shirt is from there - Polite as Fuck. :)