Friday Favorites

Friday, November 13, 2015

Ok. So, not entirely but each day would start so happier if I didn't have to be jolted awake by that thing.... which leads to more happiness. .. so I say. .. it's a thing!:

Friday favorites time with the lovely Amanda and I couldn't be happier. Not setting an alarm tomorrow or Sunday for that matter. Hmmm what's on tap for the weekend?? First up it's kid free so you know what that means... all Amy all the time... ohhh yeahhhh. Friday night tennis... we made it back into the play offs since the team that beat us last week got disqualified for "accidentally" dicking around with their scorecard after the fact. Buh-bye cheaters!!! Saturday who knows and Sunday more of the same. Sounds pretty damn good to me! But for now lets talk things I like, love and can't live without.


I have a slight obsession this year with black liquid eyeliner and making the perfect wing. I have found the holy grail... Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. After trying several others that either flaked off... even with setting spray or ended up under my eyes (gel liner looking at you) giving me a distinct raccoon-esque vibe around 5:00 everyday, this is liquid gold. Actually not gold but it does come in 15 colors. At $22 well worth it to me, eyeliner is absolutely essential in the make up routine. Get it.



I feel like I am always jacking Six Sister's Stuff but damn... these girls are just so good! I love cake batter anything and everything. I will be making this for my next event... Girl Scouts Thanksgiving Feast. Funfetti Cake Batter Dip....4 ingredients for the win.


Literally the most comfortable bra like ever... The Victoria Secret Lounge Bra. Perfect for just hangin out when you don't want to be all pushed up and strapped in but just comfy. My VS had it in a deep cabernet color which I got... gorgeous!

The Lounge Bra - Body by Victoria - Victoria's Secret:


More nature stuff. I love these little leaves. I feel like I always say the same thing... so clean and simple. Clearly that's my jam.

This is probably the simplest tattoo on my bucket list but I really like it. Some subtle expression.:


I asked my girls what the best song is right now and this what they said... I love it too!


I am becoming obsessed with snap chat even though I mostly just snap my co-worker Barry every day. Unbeknownst to Barry he has quite the following. You should follow me even though I am not as funny as these people...

This dog who got caught stealing money for pizza. | The 42 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2014:

Aladdin from Aladdin | Student Turns Roommate Into A Variety Of Disney Characters On Snapchat:

And then this Snapchat was absolute peak Starbucks. | 34 Of The Most Glorious Moments In Fail History:

This person who took a boring algebra lesson and turned it into the perfect Snapchat. | 26 People Who Made The Best Of An Unfortunate Situation:

Whoever solved this riddle with the only logical solution. | 19 People Who Are Doing Snapchat Just Right:

And this Snapchat, taken by someone who had been on one too many bad dates. | 24 Snapchats That Are Way More Clever Than You:

Have a great weekend. Snap me... crazywisewoman... duh


  1. OMG that dog's face!!!! hahahahahahaah! hilarious.

    i love my marc jacobs liquid liner! would survive through a hurricane!

  2. Those snaps are cracking me up! That bra looks SO comfortable and I love that little tattoo! The Selena Gomez song is really catchy but the music video is just so sad... dang!

  3. That Stila eyeliner is my favorite!! Best liquid one by far!

  4. Cake batter dip and snaps for the win on this Friday. I wish I didn't have to set an alarm this weekend but the BF scheduled breakfast with his parents. Ugh. Oh well! That bra looks so amazing... maybe I can find it on sale for semi-annual!

  5. I woke up and told Gary - guess what we dont have to set an alarm tomorrow lol! Oh starbucks - they just dont know how to spell names LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Omg, I need that eyeliner. I hate trying to thin out the end of the wing! I'm not yet on it really that cool? Still trying to decide if It's worth it. Happy weekend lady!

  7. Omg, I need that eyeliner. I hate trying to thin out the end of the wing! I'm not yet on it really that cool? Still trying to decide if It's worth it. Happy weekend lady!

  8. I just got a precision liner in my ipsy bag and I had no idea I NEEDED one until now!