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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gosh I just can't get my shit together lately. Maybe its the 2 weeks of torrential rain and miserable gloom we have had in Atlanta. Maybe it's the fact that all my football teams are losing losers from loserville.  Maybe it's my perpetually dwindling bank account and how depressed it makes me or maybe it's just my general laziness and propensity for nightly Netflix and chill... with my dog on the couch. Whatever it is I am here today so let's celebrate with the return of Kathy's new and improved Humpday Confessions with Nadine and that sexy hunk of a man down there. And it wouldn't be Wednesday without a few hashtags thrown in with Lolo and Laura because who doesn't love a two-fer?

The guy on the other side of the cube from me slurps, yes slurps any hot thing he drinks everyday at anytime of the day. Like you know how when your drink is really hot on the top and you kind of suck in the first sip instead of taking a giant gulp and scorching your tongue to hell? Yeah that, all day, every day. #butontheotherhand #icanrelate #slurpyslurpslurp

Teenagers think they know everything about everything and God help me I was one and the universe is paying me back because I have one now. #iamirrational #iknownothing #imakenosense #idontunderstand #butipayallthebills #boom

#dontevencare #itsaredfuckingcup

Were you wondering how my online dating was going? Pret-tee damn good. #howdoyoulikemeknow #howyoudoin #mytrailerhasthefancywallpaper #thisisarealprofilepic #headlightson

My tennis team went to the first round of playoffs last weekend and we lost... not pretty. Good news is the captain of the other team broke a major rule and after careful consideration... I reported her ass. I mean she cheated and definitely lied about it and my team and I were like aww hell nawwww!!! Sooo, the match is under review and if they find in our favor the scores will be reversed and we will move on to the next round. #toobadsosad #cheatersneverprosper #foolmeonce #youcantgetfooledagain

Why is it that every year I get hit with a mountain of fucking bills right before Christmas??? Unforseen bills, I mean no matter how hard I try I just can't plan for this shit. No one can. I don't care what anyone says. Money can buy happiness. Just give me some and I'll show you how happy I can be. I think people with plenty of money make that bullshit up. #bitchbetterhavemymoney #thatmakesnosensehere #rathercryinarangeroverthough

Oh joy the holidays are upon us again. I am actually kind of excited this year because even though still broke, unlike last year I am ... wait for it... employed!!! Can you believe that a year ago at this time I had just been laid off... remember how angry I was here? Seriously, I just thought about it and wow, what a difference a year makes and why does time fly so fast? I confess... I would not have believed it but I am so much happier where I am now than where I was. Good stuff. #ilovemyjob #menarestilldickstho #somethingsneverchange

Happy Humpday Bitches!

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  1. omg teens...i can't eve handle the fact that kayla is growing so fast and already at 7, acting like a teen. NO. i'm going to pay HARD for the shit i did when i was a teen so i'm just enjoying these years now before i pack my bags and head to the madhouse.

    thanks for linking up!!

  2. Dude. That photo is a real live online dating photo?

  3. money totally buys happiness! Or at least, money pays for pet food. Pets give you happiness, right?!

  4. Dude!!!!!!! I have a guy that sits next to me that slurps all his hot drinks too!!! WTF is up with that?????? And ummm is that dating picture for real? Eeep.

  5. This cracks me up! And that "You don't know shit" GIF is too much. I'm gonna have to save that one.
    The Rad Wife

    1. I really want to say that to her but I try not to swear AT my kiddoes lol

  6. Pete is a slurper and it is SO FUCKING ANNOYING! lmao