Humpday Confessions & #HASHTAGS

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hey-Oh!!! It's hump day y'all, whew! Another week half way over already.Work is good and the weather sucks butt hole in Atlanta. Tons of rain/drizzle/gloom and doom.  I haven't really done any confessing in awhile so I thought what the hell. Why not give all you nosy people a brief look into the inner workings of my heart and soul. Oh and I threw in a few hashtags for my pals Lolo & Lauren too.

I am bored lately. I hate when people say that too because if you're bored it's your own damn fault. Don't get me wrong, I am busy as always but I feel like monotony has set in in my routine and nothing amuses me. It's all beat, tired and boring. I need to do new things and go to new places. #hellabored #boredAmyisnotagoodthing

I love getting tattoos but the healing part really blows. This little flash piece I got on my arm for Halloween still looks like someone drug a fork over it 2 weeks later. Ugh... how in the holy hell do people get giant color pieces and live thru the itching, scabbing, peeling torture of waiting for it to heal and be pretty again??? #stoptouchingit #thatswhatshesaid

I am such a seasoned online dating veteran I can spot the bullshit a mile away and it brings out my inner bitch. New York, 0% match and you are holding a koala bear Sir Peter Brown. I'm not having it. See... #imayhavealsotoldhimiwasawidow #iwillburninhell #sorryAbe

And if you speak broken English, tell me you are about to delete your profile or will soon be relocating to my area... Just stop it. #youarenotfoolinganyoneSergei

No really... #gtfo

I have been on a bit of an out of control online spending spree lately. 2 pairs of tall boots, one pair of booties, jeans, cords, sweaters, graphic tees, faux leather jackets (cough cough 2)... I have been really bad. All of this can be justified by the fact that the majority of it can be worn to work... on casual Friday. #itsstillaworkday #noragrets

Aaaaaand..... that' all I got for today! #Byegirl

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. I seriously die over your responses!! I think all your shopping is deserved and needed!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I have been burning up the online spending machines. Most of it is for a house but still. Burning it UP.

    LOLOL holding a koala. GTFO! Idiot.

  3. The treat yo self gifs from Parks and Rec are my favorite, well that episode is one of my favorites. I may more may not have binged watched that show last night instead of all the things I could have been doing. Talk about boring! Also your online dating prowess is cracking me up. Seriously what you can find on the internet is ridiculous! I think I understand the online shopping - it's called retail therapy. I need some too. bad.