Halloween Weekending

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We have just #spotted that it is Tuesday - we will cope! Love Quinoderm:

Another Halloween in the books, damn that went by fast as did the whole entire weekend. Friday night I had my last regular season tennis match and we actually lost... womp womp. My partner had one too many Tito's and tonics at happy hour and then he semi-twisted his ankle doing some stupid high stepping for no reason at all...  sometimes playing half in the bag is not a great idea. Good news is that as a team we took enough points to come in second place and make play-offs which start this Friday night. The people at Fireball, Tito's, Miller, Coors, Sam Adams, and Tijuana Sweet Heat are all very happy that we made playoffs. Post match Mexican made me feel a lot better!

And then there was Halloween. So even though this was my kid free weekend I had kids for parts of it. The Halloween parts to be exact. I started out the day by making a huge crock pot full of my mom's Chili. It is a super easy recipe and everyone always loves it. Bot of my girls were with their Dad so my son and I got out for some last minute shopping, a costume for the dog and lunch and football. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon... and I took zero pictures... bad blogger, good Mom. We had lots of trick or treaters, the kids got to be with their best friends, even Winston got into the spirit of the evening. We moved the party down the street for bonfire, drinks and mortars... typical southern festivities!

Sunday turned out to be a total bust but in a good, lazy way. The weather was horrible and so was my wine hangover. I spent most of the day lounging and taking it easy and it was kind of a welcome break. I finally got hungry and someone twisted my arm to come out for a  gooey hot delicious calzone because cheese and bread are the best things for a hangover... duh.

I also got to wear a few of the new things I have acquired in the last couple of weeks including my most favorite pair of boots ever that I got 40% off at Check em out... super comfy too!

Hope you all had a great one! Happy Tuesday!


  1. yay for new boots! i need a new black pair and currently looking for one. are they high heels? because my feet can't take that.

  2. Mexican food makes EVERYTHING better. Except for the stomach flu.

  3. Love your new boots!

    LOLOL @ Tito the high stepper.

  4. Those boots are amazing. Sunday was a lazy day for me too, and I had planned all the things... and then football and naps seemed a better idea. I can't believe Halloween is over. How did it get to November so soon? Ugh!