Oh Hey... Friday

Friday, July 15, 2016

from LINE DECO app:

Oh Hey... It's Friday again. Ready for the weekend. Last summer mixed match of the season tomorrow and we are playing for all of the marbles or the second place spot in our division so we can go to playoffs next weekend. May the tennis God's shine down on me and my team. I think I have a date tonight, another Bumble thing. Hopefully a little more exciting than the last one. Other than that who knows what the weekend will bring. Grilling, chilling and dranks... Linking up with Karli & Amy for the Oh Hey partay... 


Could these 2 be any cuter? Oh and can you hear the resemblance to this old jam in the background? They could too so they added the original writers of Low Rider to the song credits. Stay Classy Thomas Rhett... I dig it!


Do you love radishes? I do. This pin for Whipped Dill Cream Cheese Snack Plate from Uproot Kitchen will be making an appearance on my deck this weekend or very soon at least. Cucumber, radishes, cream cheese, dill and crisp light wafers sound like the perfect thing to pair with a crisp cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc on a summer evening. And it's so pretty too.

This simple combination of whipped dill cream cheese, crisps, fresh summer vegetables and flaky salt is a wonderful snack plate idea for summer.:


I spend a decent amount of time sitting at my vanity every week so I finally bit the bullet and ordered my Ghost Chair so I can start working on revamping the whole area. I want it to be pretty. Can't wait to get it. 

Ghost Side Chair in Transparent Crystal


I know you must be thinking I have lost my mind making major purchases while unemployed but... I got a guy... and said guy got me a hell of a deal. Seriously tho, one of my tennis buddies is a veep at and he worked his magic. The truth is their price blew Home Depot out of the water anyway but all told with their sale and his extra help I saved approx. $700. New oven in route!! Thank God! 


Ok so Starbucks unveiled a new summer iced coffee drink with coconut milk this week and of course I had to try it because lactose free and dairy free is my jam. The Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato did not disappoint. Don't be fooled, it's not really any healthier calorie wise at 220 for a grande but  no icky stomach feels afterward that I get from dairy. Winning. Oh and also its pretty.

Happy Weekend My Friends!


  1. DOUBLE OVEN!!! my dream. i've always wanted a double oven. maybe in our next home or if we reno our kitchen!

  2. I love radishes & that plate looks so good. Woo hoo new oven!

  3. Love that ghost chair! Treat yoself! Also, thank you for sharing that Starbucks drink! I also cant do dairy and lactose these days without feeling gross afterwards so that is a great find!

  4. oh my gosh, that oven!!! how beautiful haha. what an amazing deal. you go girl. and um.... i love radishes too!! yum.

  5. Whhhaaattt double oven?!!?