Thursday Thoughts... The Upside to Unscheduled Time Off In the Summer

Thursday, July 14, 2016

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My kids go back to school 3 weeks from today. Yes, August 4th, and I literally want to cry when I think about it for several reasons. As you all know I am currently on a bit of a hiatus from the working world and although part of me was dreading being home with the kiddoes all day erryday I am finding that I actually enjoy it. It has only happened a few times over the last few years and never in the summer. The slow relaxed pace of our days right now has been such a treat. And here's a few of my thoughts on why:

Bedtime? Nope. Sleep till noon? Yup. Not me of course, them. My teenage son has one inch to go before he is taller than me and I am convinced that if he just sleeps till noon every day he will be there in 3 weeks, I shit you not! They are like little weeds right now. 

So I had all of these plans to get things organized around the house but I think for the next few weeks until they go back to school I just want to be with them and do fun stuff sprinkled with some nothing much at all. I can organize rooms and clean closets if I am still unemployed when school starts.

I have been getting crap done that just needs to be done though. you know the things you never have time for because ... work. Yesterday I went in for a  oil change/tire rotation and ended up with 2 new tires... I knew that was coming. My little and I got Starbucks and did  little browsing at Target. The dollar spot was calling our name.

I have been researching finally getting a new oven to replace my old piece of shit. I am pretty sure that is happening this month thanks to a friend who works for a big company and offered to help me get a sweet deal. I don't want to jinx it but I am stoked. 

I can sleep til whenever I want but I started setting my alarm again this week. I took a week off and that was really nice but I like getting up and making my coffee and keeping my schedule more like a real work day. I do not mind  getting up and "working" at my kitchen table with coffee and not wearing real pants. Not one bit.

I grilled burgers for lunch yesterday. Why not fire up the grill at noon on a Wednesday?

Tennis every day. Working out every day. Ok maybe not both but one or the other. How do you people incorporate working out into your everyday schedule with work? It's so much easier to fit in without that pesky little 8 hours of work getting in the way. I am loving it but damn it sure does create a lot of nasty sweaty clothes for me to wash!

Netflix. I just finished OITNB and I didn't realize I was on the last episode until the next one didn't start playing. Sadness. What should I binge on next? Seriously I don't even watch real TV anymore, the Amazon Firestick was an awesome investment.

43. The number of days until NCAA college football season kicks off. This has nothing to do with any of this but being off work gives me more time to think about how quickly my favorite time of year will be here!

Other reasons I am really enjoying being off in the summer... pool time, book and magazine reading cause I have stacks to get thru, no set meal times, flat ironing my hair like once a week instead of every day, not wearing makeup for days, staying up late, wine, shopping during the weekdays when everyone else is at work and most of all just doing a whole lot of nothing with my people.  


  1. for me, i prefer to workout in the morning before work; get that shit out of the way so you can go straight home after work bullshit to consume wine.

  2. Hell yes to football!!!! You make it sound much closer than in my head....43 more days. YES!!! And now I have no excuse to not eat all the delicious appetizers. Mmmm. Haha! I am glad you are enjoying spending time with the kiddos before they start back to school! The 4th sounds so early. Yikes! I hope the oven works out for you. I really enjoyed House of Cards, have you binged that? We just started Breaking Bad this week. I know...I think we had too much going on when it originally aired.

  3. Everything you said is what summer is all about, huh? I can't believe kids are going back to school early August now...doesn't seem fair! 5am club is the only way to manage a consistent work out with work. Period. That PM shit is for the birds! The evenings are for wine...not running. Cheers!

  4. I love all of this . . . sounds like perfect summer days to me! And I love your attitude of just living it up without feeling the need to do all the things at home or otherwise! Cheers girl!

  5. Definitely check out Wentworth on Netflix. It's also about women in prison but it's so much more dramatic than OITNB and it's an Australian show so the accents are awesome! You won't be disappointed, trust me.