Oh Hey Friday...Digging on the 4th

Friday, July 1, 2016

So is it possible for me to be a blogger if I hardly ever blog? Inquiring minds want to know. Fell short of my goal this week on posting but.. so what. I am here today and that's all that matters. Right? Right. We are halfway through 2016 folks. Halfway there, I can't quite wrap my brain around the fact that 4th of July weekend is upon us.

 I have a few fun things planned. Tennis and a cookout at the courts early Saturday. Lake day Sunday with friends at their new house on the water, who knows what Monday will bring. Looks like Tuesday I will officially be a full time blogger again for awhile though. Yup... the jig is finally up at my job, contract officially done being extended. But hey, I milked 10 extra weeks out of this position and I couldn't be happier about that. On to bigger and better things and who knows I just might secretly enjoy an unplanned work hiatus in the summer. But not too long Universe, you hear me??? Not gonna lie, today is a little sad and I might be freaking out just a little on the inside but... this too shall pass.

On to a few fun things so I can link up with the farm gals, Karli & Amy for some Oh Hey Friday fun!


While I don't consider myself a bad mom at all, well most of the time, I am unconventional and this movie looks like me. I really do hate all of those perfect moms.  Original trailer here.


Been looking for a new doormat for my side door which is pretty much where everyone comes in. This one is perfect!

NEW! "Get in, loser" Doormat, Doormats, Home Decor, Home and Living, Welcome Mat, Funny Doormats, Mean Girls


Because all American patriotic holidays revolve around drinking ... Bomb Pop Jello Shots seem like an excellent idea and quite festive as well!


I love it when I get to post pictures of myself in things I am digging on or favorites of any kind. I finally had my tattoo appointment with Savannah Colleen last weekend and here is how it turned out. I am in love with it and with her as an artist. I was pretty much there all day last Saturday. I sat for about 5 hours total with 2 small breaks. It was not too bad except for maybe the last hour. That was really, really hard... like I wanted to tap out a little at times hard. But to say I am happy with it would be a huge understatement. Looking forward to the next one. Yes, it's on my right thigh And no, it's not getting any color. It's blackwork and that's exactly how I like it.  Seriously y'all... it is the addiction that replaced smoking for me lol... but it can't kill me!


Sometimes I think I have had more than my share of ups and downs but through it all I try always to do the smallest of things every day to stay happy. This just struck me... it's a great list of things anyone can do and I guarantee they really work. Try it.

It's the little things folks. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend. God Bless America!


  1. i'm totally looking fwd to Bad Moms because i'm the total opposite of those sanctimommies! i know some women who are all "oh my children complete me/i live for my children/i will spend hours cutting up their lunches in cute shapes so they'll eat" sort of people when i'm like, "hey kayla, you eat this or you don't eat".

  2. I love all of this! Your tattoo looks amazing & I really want that doormat. You can also never go wrong with boozy things & Bad Moms looks hilarious

  3. I made those jello shots last year! They were a big hit but man, do they take a decent amount of time to make! You have to wait for each layer to firm up before adding the next one, and they take up a lot of space in the fridge until you can cap them! Happy 4th! Have a blast!

  4. Love this and seriously crushing on your tattoo. It is amazing! Happy 4th.

  5. That tattoo . . . cool! You do love an antler . . . it looks so you! Have fun at the lake this weekend . . . nothing like friends with lake access to make for a good weekend! Bummer your job is over, but you'll find something awesome! And nothing wrong with a little summer break!

  6. I want to see Bad Moms so bad!! Hope your 4th of July is full of fun and lots of those bomb pop shots, lol..YUM!!

  7. Love the tat! I'm totally diggin' that doormat. Hope you had a good 4th of July.