Weekending... Dates, Drinks and Vikings

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sooo, here we are on Monday again and I am getting a late start. My laptop decided to be an asshat and restart and do some bullshit update about 5 minutes after I sat down to finish this post with my coffee today. So.. time to bang this out before my next interview at 3:00 pm. Another 2 hour ordeal. Wish me luck!!

My weekend was pretty nice and chill. It started out with a Bumble date for lunch on Friday. So far I am liking this new app, two not horrible dates in 2 weeks is maybe a record for me. We met at a little mexican place near my old office and had a quick lunch and it was nice. Cool guy, super tall and bearded, very cute. I would like to get to know him a little more so we will see how it goes. 

I went out to my local spot on Friday for beers and live music as usual. Saturday morning tennis was brutally hot and of course, I ended up playing 3 sets but winning because... hot Tinder partner still kicks ass on the courts. We decided it just takes us a set to warm up. We grilled out and chilled out but my team as a whole lost and we killed our shot at going to play offs. Oh well, on to the next season! 

Sunday was about the same. Ladies tennis in the morning which was awful. I am having the worst time with the ladies tennis. I think I need to stick to mixed, it's a better pace for me and then there are men so... duh. One of my girlies and  went for a loser brunch of filet benedict and bloody mary's because when you lose you might as well treat yo'self. 

After a shower and a nap I rounded out the weekend with laundry, wine and my newest addiction. Vikings. Remember how I said I was looking for a new bingeworthy show? Yeah, I decided on Vikings and I got through all of season 1 between Saturday and Sunday. Omg you guys, it's so good. Forget about how fucking gorgeous Travis Fimmell and the entire cast is but I love a good historical drama. It's a really good choice if you like that sort of thing. Can't wait to plow through the next 4 seasons!

Cheers to Monday!


  1. Yay for a good date! I hope you get to see him again! A bloody is definitely the way to treat yoself.

  2. Hahaha loser brunch is something I could get behind. Did you really lose if you follow up with delicious food? I think not! And yay for two not horrible dates!

  3. mmm your loser brunch looks amazing, though i'm sorry you all lost. i have not watched vikings but it looks like i need to!

  4. Does "hot tinder partner" know his nickname on your blog? hahaha

  5. YESSSS VIKINGS. i've been on that since it started and it's so good.

  6. Filet benedict, Whaaaaaaaaat.

    For a minute I thought the real life loser viking came back into the picture.

  7. Well sounds like a great weekend if you ask me! Vikings - I love a historical show but I'm a wimp - I can't do major violence. I suspect a show entitled Vikings has some serious bloodshed. I have watched Outlander but ducked and weaved behind a pillow some! How bad is Vikings?