4th of July Weekending

Monday, July 7, 2014

My ball park frank. 

So I was a total slacker all weekend and apparently decided to just let it ride pretty much through to Monday! And oh what a Monday it has been thanks to my best laid plans on Sunday to polish off a box of wine that was in my fridge. Today I head off to my Residence Inn after work for my 2 week vacay while my insurance company sands and refinishes my hardwood floors. Thank you water damage. For some reason I thought I should just finish that box o wine rather than take the muther with me... bad idea. It actually was a finer idea yesterday because I had a shit ton of work to do in my house to get ready. Basically moving every piece of furniture off the wood floors and into the carpeted rooms, taking most of the food out of the pantry, taking everything out of my kitchen that lives on a counter top... it was a lot of work. Plus I had to get all of the laundry done for me and the kids so we had clean clothes to pack for our weeks away. Sometimes these types of activities benefit from wine... drudge work that is. Today I have a serious box wine headache and I want to sleep on my desk... like cause it's cool and it seems like it would be comfy right now to just lie down pretty much anywhere. Too bad I will have to wait till check in time later:(

In other news I had a total lazy fun weekend. I did some grilling, went shopping with my girls, took my son to the Braves game, made Sunday brunch and watched a shit ton of The Walking Dead Marathon... sans pants mostly. Oh yeah and the eagle has landed too... yay!  It really was pretty much perfection. Except for all of the work I had to do yesterday that is. I am really looking forward to doing nothing tonight. I wonder if my hotel has a hot tub??? 

So I wrote this post in advance and thought I'll just collage my photos with pic monkey on Monday cause it takes like 5 seconds and I can do it on my lunch break or whatever. Wrong. Blocked. "Forbidden Category Arts & Entertainment" can suck it hard. This makes me think that the blocker should spend more time blocking the coworkers who spend all day giggling, wrestling and playing kissy face in the corner cube. But whatevs... I ain't the boss here.  So in lieu of  a collage of the 500 pictures I took this weekend I'll just dump a few for ya here. 

 Boys on the field at the 400 ft marker. They enjoyed the padded wall until they got yelled at by sah-currity!

There were big time nachos. 
And giant beers to be snap-chatted. 

And of course on the field selfies for the Coolest Moms ever.

With the coolest kid ever.

It was a really good weekend! Hope yours was too!

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  1. Nooo not the firewall again! Also sorry you have to deal with the furniture stuff...hopefully you have the nicest residence inn EVER with a pool and hot tub!

    And you deserved the wine.

  2. Girl that hot dog has me drooling!! I hope that you have a hot tub so you can relax tonight!! If not one in your room then the pool might have one!! Hope you have a great Monday! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Hey Amy!! What an awesome weekend!! :D Baseball, Nachos, Beer? LOVE that!! XO


  4. Looks like you had a great weekend and a wonderful 4th girl.

  5. That boxed wine hangover is no joke dude!
    Im sure you will enjoy your vacation :))

  6. Ouch, I hate the wine headache. It seems like the best idea ever at the time though, doesn't it?

    Enjoy having someone else make your bed for the next two weeks!

  7. Looks like a fun weekend- even with limited photos!

  8. Lazy fun weekends are my favorite! I love your heart earrings... where did you get those?!

  9. what a fun weekend - BIG BEER!!! my fave haha

  10. Love your pictures from the games, but especially the nachos and big beers! Thanks for linking up with us! xo