I Like Hard Wood

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So although the process has been very irritating to say the least I think I am in the home stretch of getting my hard wood floors re-done and this part I am liking very much so far. I checked into my little Residence Inn "Suite" last night and I'm not sure it qualifies as a suite in my book but it's a bit bigger than the average hotel room so let's go with it. I was greeted by the friendly staff and within moments was offered a beverage of my choice or some appetizers/light dinner compliments of the manager's cocktail hour. Don't mind if I do. I like this place already. Free booze and food for an hour and a half every Monday-Thursday. Making adjustments to my schedule so I can partake because duh... he said it's fo Free!!!

The room is actually pretty cozy and cute. I was so exhausted last night I checked in with my wine and hauled all my shit to the room cause there didn't seem to be any kind of bellhop around and proceeded to get to relaxing. It was about one hundred degrees at 6:00 when I got there so I cranked down the AC (cause that's paid for too) got rid of the work clothes, pants, etc. and became that girl. The girl who tries really hard to decompress when there is actually nothing really productive I can even be doing. It's such a weird feeling and hard for me to fall into. Relaxing at home still means jumping up and throwing in a load of clothes, or fixing somebody something to eat, or organizing that pile of shit that's been growing. But for the next week it means free shiz, cold sheets, trips to the pool, maybe a guest over, free hot breakfast. I think I can do this for the week no problem.

The only thing I feel a teensy bit bad about is that when I checked in they had 2 suites reserved for me because I told them my kids may be with me for some portion of the time. I didn't tell my ex or the kids yet because I know he would be high tailing it over there with his girlfriend and the kids to enjoy a free hotel stay for the week. Now, I know I am not technically paying for it but I do pay the home owner's insurance which is covering all of this so in essence I would be paying for a vacation for him (and stupid girlfriend). FUCK THAT NOISE. I feel sorry because I know how much the kids would love to stay at the hotel for a week with free breakfast, the pool, etc. But I can't do it. It would ruin my week to be in a hotel room next door to him and her for even one night. Not to mention it would ruin my opportunities for any friends who might want to pop by for free shiz, pool or hot breakfast. And I want him to have the kids for a week or two and find a way to entertain them and pay to feed them, wash their clothes, take them out to places. Cause that is my life on the daily! So I have an empty  hotel room and even the front desk guy said don't sweat it, your insurance company is picking up the tab... take the room!!! But I still feel a little guilty... ugh... tell me to get over it! I'll probably/maybe bring the kids over there for the weekend.

And last but not least... look at my freshly sanded floors!!! I am so excited. I had to go to the house yesterday to make my final color selection. That was hard, and I will reveal my choice when it's done. I am kicking myself for not taking a better before pic but here are the choices... the one on the far left is basically what I had so that's out. Too light. The one on the far right was super red, also a No. So really it was between the 3 in the middle.  There is so many factors to consider like... the darker you go the more you see every spec of dust, my maid dranks a lot of wine, I have a big dog that sheds and 3 kids, etc., etc. I hope I made the right choice!!! Big reveal when they are all done!

Tomorrow I plan to set my alarm just a wee bit early so I can make it to the lobby in time to allow for an extra few minutes for my hot, fresh waffle to cook before I head off to work. I could get used to this.


  1. Love that you have a hotel to yourself for at least a week . . . totally like a mini vacation and NO, you shouldn't share with the ex!!!

  2. Hey Amy!! Enjoy the stay girl, that is pretty darn awesome!! ;) XO


  3. Do not feel guilty for one MFing minute. He deserves nothing since he paid for nothing and all parents should have full responsibility for their kids for certain times so they can appreciate when the other parent has full responsibility.

    I am the person constantly doing something at home so it takes me a little to acclimate to having really nothing to do.

  4. What a cute lil room and I agree with others dont feel guilty about ANYTHING!!!! My ex doesnt help me and if I got a free room it'd be a COLD day in hell if I offered it to him!

  5. They actually have it decorated very well!! Love that the floors are getting closer and closer to being completed!! And yay for free stuff!

  6. That suite is adorable... I love staying in hotels!

  7. i'm a fan of dark wood! that suite is cute; enjoy your stay :)

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Screw that, dont pay for him to stay there. If I was around Id def come crash the free booze party with ya. It's gotta be nice to have housekeeping for a little while.