Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I confess... linking up with Kathy for some more of the usual confessing... I too am in need of a blogging break. Time to collect my thoughts and just sit with them for a minute. Feeling blah, staring at the blank screen is overwhelming. 

I am extremely frustrated with my whole fitness plan. Something that used to work is not working anymore. I  feel like I need to do a cleanse or fast or something for a few days to re-ignite the whole process. Can anyone relate to this? If you have a cleanse or a tea-tox or something that you swear by please tell me!!! Master cleanse??? This scares me but I really want to try it. I don't even care if it makes me shit all day at work, the way I look at it is I would be basically getting paid to shit my brains out and lose weight at the same time... win win.

The managers cocktail hour is a beautiful thing in a low budget hotel. I might be getting the side eye from the actual manger for inviting all my friends over every night but still... totally worth it. I think it's hilarious to see all the guests shoveling in as much free food and alcohol as they can. I guess because it's free??? It's kinda funny and pathetic!

Other than my kids I don't really need to see anyone on  regular basis... I luh ya papi... but No.

Funnel cakes should be a fast food item. Seriously, think about it, a funnel cake drive thru... you just pick your toppings. And drive away in shame.

I can't wait for RHONJ to start up again... I'm sorry... I know it's so bad. Dina is back and I can't stand her. Her and her stupid gay husband and hairless cats. This franchise is the most over the top to me and I miss these crazy bitches.

I bagged out on my ladies tennis team on Sunday so I can lay my fat ass by the pool at my little hotel all day long. #notevensorry

My hotel is directly behind a Burger Fi, like a 2 minute walk thru the parking lot directly behind. This is all I smell every time I step outside. #fuckmehard  I really want to go for a run and pick up a double cheeseburger on my way back... in my sweaty running clothes... just jog right into the restaurant for the full effect. 

My hair is so long it officially gets stuck in my armpits. Whaaaaa??? Yes it does.

I've been in a hotel alone for a couple of days now and it reminds me of how glorious it was to be single and kidless. I miss my kids.. but still. And breakfast is prepared for me every day. And the maid service... I wish they could come home with me.

Happy Humpday Hookers!


  1. OMG I want a funnel cake like NOW lol yummy!
    Its nice to have some me time every now and then and you're rocking it girl!

  2. wait why isn't funnel cake a fast food item? And hey looks like hotel livin is working out! I have never even heard of manager's cocktail hour???

  3. how awesome is it to live in a hotel? and omg Funnel Cakes are to die far. And the burger looks good. Lucky you.

  4. Hey Amy!! I too have totally fallen off the healthy band wagon!! I am always so cautious about the cleanse thing. I hear a lot of Docters on t.v. say its not the best thing to do to your body but everyone's different!! And omg that burger look amazing!! Having a burger joint behind the hotel must be glorious!! Have fun Amy!! ;D XO


  5. Funnel cake drive thru.. def a drive of shame but imagine the hangover effects.

  6. Blogger's writing block is hitting hard this week as well! It happens....I blame summer and laziness!

  7. Oh man a "master cleanse" freaks me out too...primarily because I have like an hour commute to work and I fear that I will end up shitting my pants while stuck in traffic. Knowing my'll happen.

  8. EEEEKKKK master cleanse?! NO WAY! Check out Ardens Garden girl!!

    P.S. - I am totally with you on the RHONJ, CAN'T WAIT

  9. The great thing about living here is that I can get funnel cakes about 9 months of the year!

    They are opening a Burgerfi here, have you ever tried it?

  10. Funnel Cakes really should be available...EVERYWHERE!

  11. I know what you mean about needing a reboot on fitness to start seeing results - I get to a certain point and then nothing!!! Let me know if what you try works!! I would have skipped out on tennis too for a nice leisurely time by the pool!

  12. we have famous funnel cakes at canada's wonderland where we're at practically every weekend and i can smell it EVERYWHERE. i resist the temptation though, and i never go there when i'm pmsing otherwise feeding frenzy.

    Vodka and Soda

  13. Laying out a pool totally outweighs tennis. Good decision.

  14. You should probably market that funnel cake only restaurant idea. You'd have a customer for life right here, baby!

  15. ok i so need to try a funnel cake!