Friday Faves

Friday, July 11, 2014

Linking up as always with the beautiful Miss Amanda for some Friday Favorites!!!

First up... I cannot get enough of these protein bars... it tastes like a candy bar and it's a small meal. It's kinda like those really cheap sugar creme wafers we all ate as kids. If I could just find the mint variety my life would be complete! Check them out here!!!

I try not to eat too many carbs but my snack of choice is always some good cheese slapped on a yummy cracker... and anything with sea salt is always good. This is my favorite new cracker...

Woohoo... Ridiculousness is back for a neww season. Seriously y'all this is my inspiration for searching out hilariously awful gifs. And I love to see what Chanel West Coast will be wearing. Watch it on MTV... you will be rolling!! Lot's of people falling down...


MTV's new show Snack-Off directly after my other fave Ridiculousness, the cooking show for "dumpster divers and fridge foragers" is how they are hyping it... I'm in. I used to be an avid Top Chef watcher then it got kind of tired but my all time favorite challenge was always the gas station food challenge. Give me all the roller food....

I just love this because this is how my kids eat their cupcakes. They learned it in school. I think it's genius. A cupcake sandwich!

Favorite Song - Kenny Chesney - American Kids
It's just happy and a summer jam.... and he's cute.

A friend of mine is selling the fabulous new Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara mascara and in case you haven't heard about it I wanted to share it with you and tell you how to get some. Cause of course I'm having a mascara party for her! In this pic I have no other makeup on but the product so you can see how it transforms my short, light stubby lashes into fabu-lashes!!!

If you like, order some here. I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

Really??? Do we need another flavor of Jagermeister? But you know I'm gonna try it. Don't worry Fireball... you had me at ball.

And a few funny falling peeps for ya...

Moms... don't ever try to race your kids... on a scooter in a skirt.

I know it's mean but it's so funny when random shit scares a baby


Always wear your seat belt!

Stupid but funny cause... crocs
She deserves this.

Falling in heels always a hit here.

I'm not sure what happened, guessing alcohol involved.

This just completely sucks to be her....

That's it for today folks!!! Have a great weekend!

Stay Classy,


  1. OMG OMG 1st, I busted up laughing at the last gif. Holy hell that is funny. 2nd that mascara looks amazing. Is it only purchasable (is that even a word?) by a party or how do you try it? And 3rd I wanna try that protein bar at the top. Look so de-lish. Happy Friday and weekend!!

  2. I'm a fan of anything sea salt too- will need to try those crackers!

  3. OMG that last meme!!! haha and that eating the cupcake video is genius! Why didnt I think of that?!

  4. omg ok one that woman in the skirt, oh that poor baby, and omg that dumb bitch with the motorbike! hahaha serve her right.
    ok. calm now.
    love that kenny song! have a great weekend gorgeous.

  5. I had never heard of Ridiculousness until we were on vacation. The kids found it early on and after that, whenever we were inside, we had it on. We laughed so hard at the stupidity of I am going to have to find the power bar and the crackers...they both look yummy!! Love the gif of the little one running into the window; I would've been laughing my ass off as I was checking to make sure he was alright. Have a great day :)

    1. Thanks Shelly! I am addicted to ridiculousness... it cracks me up just watching how stupid people are!!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA look how fast that baby crawled away!!

  7. hahahaha that baby was like get this evil away from me LMFAO!

  8. hahaha "you had me at ball" yaas! I am about to go into a deep black hole of youtubing people falling in heels. Always my favorite.

  9. hahahah scooter fall.

    I have the Younique, I don't use them daily but I like them for nights out (what are those?).

    I love crackers & cheese. I haven't seen those crackers in the store but I wrote them on my grocery list when I saw them on your instagram!