Rainy Weekending

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rain, rain, rain... that's what we saw a lot of here in GA all weekend long. Oh, there was a break in the action on Sunday. Long enough for me to get my rained out Saturday play-off tennis match in and watch my team fall like dominoes... line by line down in flames. My partner and I sealed the deal with our 3 set loss to a team we definitely should have beaten. Disappointing but now we get to plan our post season bash and y'all know how I love to plan a party!

So as for my weekend, if you look at my pics it looks like all I did was eat. Not true, I also drank. Kidding, sort of, not really. I finally got my Burger Fi burger in Friday night with my boy. And even he was like "Mom, please no pictures, let's eat" as we commenced to face-stuffing. Just for the record the cheese sauce was his idea and overkill but in a good way. We left happily stuffed and drove home in comatose, blissful silence.

Saturday since it pretty much rained all damn day I got to unpacking my house and setting things right. It's amazing how awesome your house can look when it is virtually empty. Like that model home look that we all covet. Not everything is going back the way was. Some stuff is getting trashed or Good Willed... feeling the need to simplify and de-clutter. More to come on that. But moving and unpacking shit is a lot of work... instant gratification though. Gotta love that.

I talked about this recipe on Friday for Cilantro Lime Chicken which I threw in the crock pot late Saturday for 4 hours and it turned out Ah-mazing. Sorry no after pics but here is what it looked like going in. Four hours on high later and I had a crockpot full of Mexi shredded chicken goodness. I threw in half of a huge vidalia onion chopped as well because I needed to use it up. We've been eating on it for 2 days now with chips kind of like chicken nachos. Will def make again! The cilantro and lime really make it taste fresh and light!

And after not being in my own kitchen for 10 days I was in the mood for more cooking yesterday post tennis smackdown. I have a regular craving for deviled eggs and this one is my standby for an easy protein snack or small meal. Fresh horseradish, a tiny bit of mayo, chopped bread and butter pickles (from my neighbors garden) seasalt and cracked pepper. Soooo yummy, easy and pretty healthy as far as snacks go.

And last but not least one of our favorite summer treats with a twist. Kind of like a cross between a strawberry shortcake and a strawberry pie. My kids love those cheap little spongey cake things you can by in the grocery store but who the hell knows what's in them? So I came up with something better, cause who does not love a graham cracker crust? First up slice up your berries and sprinkle them with a little sugar and stir up and let sit for 5 min to get the juices flowing i.e. macerate is the fancy cooking term. Crush up your grahams and put them in a bowl (or keep the pre-crushed ones on hand) add a little sugar, cinnamon, lemon zest, vanilla... whatever flavoring you like and mix with a little melted butter or coconut oil just to moisten so they are not like sawdust. Get out some pretty little bowls or glasses if you want to layer them up fancy and impress yo friends and assemble. Crumbs, fruit, whipped cream and some more crumbs for good measure. This works with any fruit at all and you can throw in whatever else you like. My kids love it and I think it's a great alternative to a less healthy dessert and gets them eating a bit more fresh fruit! And it's pretty!
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  1. Sorry to hear about the tennis match, but party planning will be so much fun!! Loving all the photos :)

  2. I need to find a Burgerfi! It looks delicious!

  3. Good idea on the grahams dessert!

    Your burgers look phenomenal. My mouth is watering even though I just ate.

    I love setting my house to rights.

  4. You are making me hungry :) That burger!

    XO Chelsea

  5. That desert looks yummy and sounds easy... that's a combo I can get on board with!

  6. Mmmk so that strawberry dessert is the most genius thing ever and I WILL be making it asap!! So much food porn!! NOMS

  7. i had a huge burger craving over the weekend as well....NOM. sometimes you just need a big juicy burger amirite??

    Vodka and Soda