Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vodka and Soda

Woo Hoo it's Humpday Bitches and you know how happy that makes me???

Really effing happy!!! Linking up with Kathy as always....

So let's get to it shall we??

I confess that today is my ex-hub caps b-day and I struggle every year with whether or not I should acknowledge it. Like via a text at best. I mean we were together for like ever blah, blah, blah... I can't decide....

I got my emissions on my car done and tag fee paid yesterday on time this year. I confess... I usually suck and pay this late resulting in a small fortune in fees. Oh yeah but I still keep putting off transferring the title into my name so it actually renews on my birthday not his... paperwork can suck a bag of dicks.

The extra money I had in my checking account this week is now gone thanks to that giant tag fee I just paid. Every time I think I'm getting ahead.... BAM... Nope.

Speaking of humping check this shit out. Remember the guy who invited me to lunch  and then decided we would just have drinks? The one whose number I deleted like before I even left the bar/restaurant parking lot?? We were clearly not a match and I was relieved that I never heard from him again?? Yeah him... this happened last night.

First of all, I had no idea who it was when I got the first text from him last night that just said "Fun?". After a few minutes of me all  "who is this" and him being all "wow, damn" and then sending me a pic to jog my memory... ewwww, the above convo ensued. WTF is wrong with people???
And who the hell says "my place or yours" anymore???

I'm getting sick of living in a hotel. I am ready to go home.

On the other hand since the rooms are paid for thru the weekend I'm bringing the kids back to use the pool, maid service and eat the free meals all weekend long. I mean it's already paid for. If I leave and turn them in they are just going to rent the rooms out and get paid twice. Ummm... no. Plus my kids will think I am the coolest mom ever... again!

I have been living behind my favorite burger joint for 10 days now and I have not yet had a burger. I'm dying for one though. Ugh.  Still thinkin about it....

Hope everybody has a great day!!!


  1. I say only acknowledge said birthday if you have contact with the ex for another reason today, otherwise let someone else tell him. :)

  2. omg that guy though, my place or yours? EW. no. I love how you were like 'are you serious?' eck!

  3. i'm pmsing something fierce and i can't stop looking at Jules shoving that delicious kahuna burger in his gullet. btw, BEST MOVIE EVER.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. Funny. My mom and I were talking over the weekend about how she texted my dad/her ex on his birthday. They spent 30 of them together- I think it was okay for her to do it. Plus we don't like his girlfriend so hope she saw... ha!

  5. I didn't acknowledge my ex's bday at all...really could care less!
    Girl enjoy the freeness while you can!

  6. I mean really the only responsible thing to do is to come back and take advantage of the hotel for the rest of the week...

    "my place or yours"? WHAT? Boy bye!!! have a nice life!

    But just got so jealous that you can go to wild wing. I worked there when I lived in GA and it made me hate wings but I loooove going there!

  7. I wouldn't acknowledge an ex's bday at all regardless. I mean, are you two great friends or what. I know you have kids together but still. and my place or yours bs. Wow what a jerk. He sounds like a douchebag. And girl go get you a BURGER.

  8. Hey Amy!! Oh my effing god what a creep!! Exactly! Who says ''my place or yours'' anymore?? Lmao!! And you must* get a burger, even if it is the last day! Treat yourself for sure!! Enjoy the rest of your stay!!! XOXO


  9. Talk about will power girl! How have you resisted those burgers for that long?

    Ugh that guy sounds like a gem.....your place or mine? Try neither ass!

  10. "Paperwork can suck a big bag of dicks." Best quote ever! Eff booty call guy. That was ridic. I'd retain his number for drunken prank calls from me and my girls. Bwahahahaha!

  11. I definitely laughed out loud at the "my place or yours" bit. Yikes! Also, how haven't you eaten your weights worth in burgers?? I have to stay away from fast food places or I eat everything and don't look back ha ha.

  12. My place or yours? GTFO! Fool!

    You should totally have a burger this weekend when you are winning mom of the year with the pool and the food and the fun. Your kids will be like IS THIS REAL LIFE?

  13. Coolest mom award! Working in a hotel has taught me so much about them. I wouldn't want to live in one permanently either.

  14. I try very hard to forget all my ex's birthdays lol