BreakUp Challenge Update Week 2 - Weekend Re-Cap

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Killin' It – Tropical Pink Art Print:

Well here we are on a Tuesday once again. Time to do a little re-cap and check in for the Breakup Challenge with Laura and how it is going for me!  I am officially on day 9 of my Whole30 and I have to say... I think I am killin it. I have had my mental moments that is for sure but my food has been on point, no slips, no cheats. It has been a little easier than the first time I think because I know what to expect and I know I can see it thru to the end. But I still would kill someone for a glass of wine.

Here's how the first week shook out...

Day 1 I felt like shit because I polished off all the leftover wine and cookies in my house on Sunday. After that came a little carb flu..I definitely had the hangover and the kill all the things days. But it passed, and I didn't kill anyone. I found that the time I got home from work to bed was the worst for me. I think because my habit is to come home and have a snack and a glass of wine or a beer pre-whole30. Not being able to do that little nightly ritual really pissed me off.  I can always nap all day so to say that I was any more so inclined on Day 5 & 6 might not be accurate. I was actually like a machine on Day 5 and I worked my ass off undecorating my house, packing tub after tub of decor and hauling it out to the garage. My back is killing me. Sunday I was up super early so I started in on Making A Murderer... oh shit... ummm HOOKED. I was at the grocery store by 10:00 and the tennis courts by 2:00. I won my match, came home and prepped a bunch of food, took a hot lavender and Epsom salt bath  and passed the fuck out!!

And there you would have the basic jist of my first week on Whole30 Round 2. Not too turrible. I'd like to say the hardest part is behind me but I'd be lying. I really think the middle is hardest and the very last couple of days are pretty trying too. I did make it thru a huge milestone though and that was a social situation. I met my friends at one of our favorite hangouts for trivia. It was weird to be sitting there with club soda all night and not beers but I did it! And I felt very proud of myself!

Here's what I can expect this week...

Day 8-9: For the love of Gosling, my pants are TIGHTER. 
  • So it takes about 7 days for my gut to realize it's not getting any more shit and some times it will turn on me. I am currently filling it with meat and veggies as opposed to easy access sugars so this is kind of my body's last ditch effort to get rid of all the bad stuff and start working like a well (coconut) oiled machine from here on out. It's only temporary!
Days 10-11: The Hardest Days.
  • Fact: This is when most people actually throw in the towel and I can see why. It's not so new anymore, shopping and preparing all the food is exhausting and I am feeling sorry for myself because ... it's hard. Where's the Tiger Blood dammit!!!! Reality has set in, I have 20 more days of deprivation. Ugh. Now is the time for me to look at my relationship with food and commit to changing it. Food is not going to make me happy, fulfilled, accomplished, comforted or beautiful. Ever. I will take this time to replace food with actions, experiences, things, relationships that will take me there. 
Days 12-15: Boundless energy! Now give me a damn Twinkie. 
  • Again... thank Jesus, Mary Kate & Ashley that this starts on a Saturday for me. Just like that the slump is pretty much over and I am feeling all sassy in my jeans and exploding with energy. But I also might be dealing with a little mind fuckery here too. I might be having dreams about fried macaroni and cheese balls and deep dish pizza. I might even have random crazy thoughts during my waking hours too, like stealing that oreo right out of my kids hand... or not. The gut heals faster than the mind and although I am feeling very good my mind still wants the old things that it knows will trigger feelings of comfort and satisfaction. I will take notes here about what I crave most and how I manage to beat those urges!

So that's the timeline according to the experts at Whole30. We shall see next week if it is accurate or not!

Other things of note...

Challenges this week? Nope, not really anything I didn't already nail last week.

What I'm Eating:

Shopping list: Chicken breast (it was on bogo), ground beef (for Greek meatballs and stuffed peppers), avocados, limes, macadamia nut butter, sun butter, berries, cantaloupe, apples, potatoes, onions, kombucha, lara bars, la croix water, 100% cranberry juice, romaine, red bell peppers, eggs

Meal prep:

Lunches are sauteed chicken tenders or burgers with combos of broccoli, sweet potato, white potato, butternut squash, zuchinni and onions.

Breakfasts are either steak and egg muffins from the freezer or fresh fruit and berries with nut butter or coconut.

Dinners... again, I wing it. I figure out what I want to make when I get home. I have the makings for several different meals this week so I am all set.  Last night I was not feeling anything that required thought so we had breakfast and it was great!

Overall I am feeling really good but for some reason still so tired at the end of the day. I am hoping that improves soon because I feel like my Grandma when I get in bed at 9:00, it's just not my jam but I can't help myself!!

Just a few snaps from the weekend. Got a cup of coffee at DD on Saturday in a Christmas cup... which immediately annoyed me. Until I saw it had my word of the year on it... Joy.

How are you doing with your New Year's goals? If you are breaking up, please link up and tell us about it!


  1. that hardest part is changing your habits and your perspective of food. it took me a while to realize that FOOD IS FUEL. i know how hard i push my body, how hard I can push my body therefore, it needs the proper fuel in order to do these things and is why my clean eating kung-fu is so strong. although i want to ram my face with all the sweets and chocolate and chips, i know it won't power me through what i need to do so i'm ok with not eating it and to me, that's not deprivation.

    you can do this!!!! keep up the great work.

  2. So I started reading this and was like Day 9? No we're on day 8... and then I checked and realized I was wrong and not only that, but that I somehow missed an entire day in my food journal, thus my own confusion. Apparently my brain is elsewhere this week! I still get tired and go to bed super early at this point too. Hopefully that will fade by the end of this week. I'm impressed with all your prep this week, I fell flat and only did some HB eggs and potatoes and didn't do lunches, which left me hurting this week. I thought I'd have more leftovers from dinners, but I guess I was wrong. Double batch sloppy joes tonight to hopefully fix that issue.

  3. And here I was feeling all awesome sauce and read your what to expect and I thought I was on day 10 but apparently I miscalculated in my head like a dodo and we are on 9 and now I feel as though I am going to be doomed tomorrow. LOL! Whatever, maybe I can trick myself out of it since I feel awesome. Way better than the super tired, cranky, hate the world self of last week. Let's keep powering through!!!!!

  4. I pinned the greek meatballs. They look good.

  5. Yay I've loved following your breakup challenge on Insta! Look at you killin it!