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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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(Well you should do this even if I can't right now)

Confesh sesh on tap today with Kathy & Nadine and maybe a few hashtags for Miss Laura & Lauren. I could bitch confess up a storm right now so leh go!!!!

Sometimes I hate to admit how old I am to people that don't know i.e. the blogosphere/social media/ work/peeps not in real life. But then something happens like this...
And I really can't hide it. I am a child of the 80's and David Bowie was a true icon when I was growing up. I am lucky enough to have seen him live when I was 17 and I will never forget that show. #hewastheshit #flystarmanfly #godspeed

I read on Instagram this week that there are 23 weeks until summer. That's 134 days. If you are trying to lose weight/get fit and you go even really, really slowly like a pound a week you could lose 23 lbs by then. If you bump it to 2, which is still pretty reasonable, that's 46 lbs. Wow. #totallydoable #onedayatatime

People often say that motivation doesn't last.  Well, neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily.:

I'm 10 days into my whole 30 and I am starting to feel the way I felt last time regarding friends/people who are currently not doing anything healthy but really need to be and want to give me advice/their opinions. Yes, I'm judging. It's making me a little bit sad which is dumb dumb dumb... I know. I don't expect all my friends to get on board and do it with me. I don't expect people to even understand it because it's a different mindset. I get the sense that sometimes people are a little negative and not very encouraging. I get the side eye, some snide comments, even a little bashing. You know, if you don't have anything nice to say... #GoFuckYourself  #donthate #shutyourbigyapper

Ok so I said I was on a spending freeze and I am but my phone has basically decided to take a dirt nap. The battery anyway. I am overdue for a new one and out of contract so when I saw Costco was offering a deal on the one I wanted and a $350 Costco cash card as a rebate with it I was all like ummm... yahhhh.... that's a lot of gas and groceries for my family!!! They had to order it because I wanted gold but I am super stoked to get my new Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge Plus... I'm a droid girl. #ilikeshinythings #theclosestrelationshipihaveiswithmyphone #notreally #maybe

I am sooooo sick of cooking. I am not cooking anything until, maybe like the weekend. Maybe not even then. Next week is going to be all crock pot fare. For the last several months I have not done much so the last 10 days has been a lot of extra time spent in the kitchen for me and I am over it. Good news is the fridge and freezer are packed with goodness!!! #ijustwanttocomehomendreadabook #goaway #notcooking

What you got goin on?

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  1. I'm happy to have a break from cooking for the next two weeks with vacation.

    Everyone needs to find their own way to healthy. Just keep your eyes on the prize and let your peeps know you don't need the peanut gallery. You are not doing anything harmful to yourself so advice really isn't warranted.

    I will be 39 this year. I'm sad about David Bowie but not as sad as I'll be if Bruce Springsteen or Stevie Nicks ever die. LOL

  2. Yes to all the things. Cooking. Bah. Sucks. And you seriously cracked me up with "if you don't have anything nice to say then . . . Go fuck yourself" Giggles. And I'm with you on the age thing . . . it is what it is. We are old in the blog world. Womp, womp. Luckily we are so cool! And David Bowie . . . seems so sudden and super sad.

  3. AHHHHH so excited about your new phone. You will have to tell me how you like it. I'm thinking I might ask for a new one for my birthday in march. Even though I love my Galaxy s5 I'm sort of leaning back toward a new iphone too. I can't decide! Please convince me the galaxy is the way to stay. I'm not sick of cooking yet but I'm sure I'll get to that point. Although anything that results with food I'm ok with, so maybe I won't ever get bored with cooking. We shall see!

  4. Haha one of the hardest parts about eating healthy is having to cook all the damn time! I love my Galaxy S6, never going back to an Apple again!

  5. I have zero motivation for most things right now. Mostly because I just want to be sleeping and also I have zero dollars of fun money to spend. Whole 30 sounds like a nice kick in the pants, just remember that people giving you side eye is the same as you judging someone else...but I'm sure you know that!! I'm doing this fun thing where I don't want to food prep so by default I'm just eating less in general and drinking more wine because it's just fucking easier to open a cork that cook up a meal!! Happy hump day Amy!

  6. Your new phone is pretty!!! People are ridiculous with diet and eating comments. Luckily I haven't had too hard of a time. I did have someone offer me cookies in the office and I was like oh thank you but no thanks. She looked at me all rude like and I was like...I cant have cookies I am doing Whole 30 and she rolled her eyes and walked away mumbling something. I wanted to be could use a whole 30 yourself but I kept my mouth shut lol.

  7. Ohhhhh Costco for the win! Seriously the phone is so gorgeous!