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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Well not quite but getting closer. It is time for confessions and hashtags though with the usual suspects.. Kathy, Nadine, Laura & Lauren...

So you know how I used to complain about guys asking for "body pics" on the online dating sites? Well I did, a lot, cause it annoyed the fuck out of me.  I stupidly accepted a random friend request on FB from a guy I met on OkCupid a while back but never went out with. Why? I don't know why, I was feeling generous I guess. So the first thing he asks me via messenger after presumably trolling all my photos is (and I quote)  "how come all the pictures you're in only shows your face". Hmmm... let's see:

A. It's Facebook not Assbook
B. My face is Ah-mazing
C. The length of the average arm is 25"

#douche #itriedtohelpyouout

tv keeping up with the kardashians kuwtk kardashians scott disick

My room is over the garage in my house and it is cold as frozen balls in the winter time. I go to bed every night in ten thousand layers. And I'm still cold. #skinnypeoplegetcold #thismustmeaniamgettingskinny

My blog is small, I know that. I don't really care about followers at this point. I have a few hundred here, a few hundred there as far as the blog itself goes. But on GFC it goes up and down by 2 followers pretty much every week. I only notice this because I am completely anal. Who are these 2 people? #makeupyourdamnminds

bethenny frankel real housewives reality tv rhony real housewives of new york

I saw this on IG yesterday and I had to make it with my dog's picture. If you follow me on snapchat then you know it's true.  #hebarksalot #hesnotthatsmart #wedonttellhimthat

One week from today I will officially be on Whole30 Day 31 also known as officially done. That means I am having after work drinks. I have missed that so much. And my favorite after work drinks best fraand. #friendsdontletfriendsdrinkalone

Your turn... fess up.

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

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  1. DRANKS!!!! i could never cut out alcohol because alcohol.

  2. Hilarious. I was actually just noticing the same thing on GFC. For-e-ver..I had a measly 133...then all of a sudden it was 135...and now it's 131. And the thing is...I don't even know how people are adding or subtracting themselves on this thing because I removed the link on my blog. Maybe it's not that hard but I can't figure it out. Ha!

  3. When I was dating the pic requests drove me nuts!!!! Omg the Joey the gif made me crack up! I always have to sleep in a few layers too! I'm a lil confused about the adding then dropping then adding thing too...I see it everyday on Twitter, but I think that's spam accounts, but I don't understand it on Bloglovin at all.... confession...I totally a few times last week copied and pasted stuff from my job in the comment boxes of people's blogs b/c I didn't realize I didn't have the html to my blog in my copy clipboard...Oops! Thankfully someone told me. =P

    Have a great day! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  4. Hell yes to after work drinks next week! I can't wait. We are so stinking close! I can't believe guys are so damn stupid. Who actually thinks women put body pics on Facebook. What a perv.

  5. "It's not assbook!" LOLOLOL! Winston . . . he's a handsome guy! I bet he goes viral!!! And I can't wait for you to get your first post 30 cocktail . . . much deserved!!!

  6. We are waiting to have our monthly "girls night" until I am done with Whole 30 because I cant watch those bitches eat and drink all the things while I am over here like a piece of lettuce please with a side of unhappiness and a glass of self pity. Hahahah.

    Mac barks at EVERYTHING. Not a leaf or a butterfly makes it through our yard without being told whats what from that furball. And WTF to the dude on Facebook. Talk about douche! Funny enough, I met my husband on okcupid, so they aren't all losers :)

  7. Oh my gosh I would be so cold if my room was above the garage. Brr!!

  8. HAHAH that dog meme!
    Ugh I'm so tired of going to bed freezing! Right around 4 am the heat finally kicks up and i get sweaty, kick covers off and remove a layer, freeze to death again. The struggle!

    Ok and your dating adventures...always.

  9. I'm always so damn cold. My hubs thinks that I don't have any blood flowing through my veins. I told him that's right...I'm an ice queen biotch all the live long day. But congrats on the Whole 30 challenge! Way to kick ass!! You deserve ALL the after work drinks!