Thursday 13

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Since I missed yesterday I thought I would check in today with some random thoughts, confessions, observations & what have you running through my brain... 13 or so

One. My old friend Soldier Boy (if you have been around for awhile) is giving up the military contractor vagabond life & ginormous paycheck and moving back from Baghdad. I am super excited to have him back on American soil full time!  #andthatsallihavetosayaboutthat

Two. I have several pairs of the same black pants from Old Navy that are currently looking tired and a little loose. So I just ordered a new pair... in the same size... like a moron. #kickingmyself

Three. I hardly ever wear real shoes on the weekends anymore. It's either some form of Nikes, comfy boots or slippers. Come Thursday and Day 4 of "work shoes" I want to scream. But I will never be one of the women that wears tennis shoes with work clothes, even business casual. #ijustcant #youlookschlumpy

Four. Feeling uber guilty about having to yell at my youngest child to get her ass moving every morning but she's so freaking slow. I have zero patience too. Any Mom's out there have suggestions?
#youleftyoursocksupstairsagain #killmenow

Five. I have a horrible habit of mentally blowing every crisis in my personal life out of proportion within minutes. I need to write this shit down because within an hour of something going awry I have written a screenplay in my mind of how it is going to play out for the next 5 years. #andallmylinesinthescreenplaytoo

Six. After drinking black coffee for 18 days I can honestly say I like black coffee. I forgot how much. #onceyougoblack

Seven. I am finally nearing the end of watching "The L Word" on Netflix and I've gotten so entrenched in the characters lives I am sad it's coming to a close. #isitjustme

Eight. I bought an expensive Chi flat iron 2 years ago and the thing is already on it's last legs. It currently only heats up about 50% of the time. Given the fact that I only straighten my hair maybe 50% of the time I think this is unacceptable. Aren't these supposed to be professional grade, stay on all day type of appliances? #pos #justwahtiwantedtobuynext

Nine. I haven't been to a concert in several months and I am jones-ing. Mumford and Sons is coming in April and a ticket would be about $75. Ouch. #cantdecidehowbadiwantogo

Ten. I have some random small maintenance issues in my house that need attention. I can't afford to pay anyone so I am asking my ex. God help me and I may regret it but that fucknut owes me a gazillion dollars and he can actually fix shit sooo... #butnottillIcandrinkwineagain

Eleven. I am officially counting down the days now to when I can have a glass of wine. It's gone from what day am I on to how many days do I have left. This may be bad but the good news is I am not even so concerned about when I can eat bread, cheese, something sweet again. I think I can keep the clean eating going for a good bit longer. I am projecting first little food indulgence on Superbowl Sunday. #drinksonday31 #dontevencare

Twelve. My daughter's boyfriend is a senior so she will be going to senior prom this year. I have made the executive decision that we are renting a dress. Checking out options but she could rent a designer gown like a Badgley Mischka for under $100 on Rent the Runway. Why should I fork out $500 on a dress she won't wear again. #bestideaever

Thirteen. And lastly but not leastly a mini rant about parents who volunteer to do shit for their kids and don't follow through or try to shirk it off on other parents. I promise that you are no busier than anyone else. You just suck way more. #thatsrightisaidyouareasuckyMom #suckitysucksuck

That was fun... word vomit. 

See you on the flip side for favorite things...Have a great day everyone!


  1. I wish I liked black coffee haha! It is so much better for you than mine with lots of creamer!

  2. I really wish rent the runway had been a thing (or I had known about it) when I was in high school. $285 total on the 2 dresses but's not like I wore them again... I'm chaperoning for the 4th time this year & I think I'm going to rent a dress. I always buy one but never have anywhere to really where it again. Not that I buy super formal ones but nice enough.

    I am at the point of counting how many days I have left too. Although I was telling my friend yesterday that I really think I could keep doing it. I won't be near as strict on the what I can & cannot eat, if I want something I'll eat it, but I no longer crave all of the things that I am missing out on. Depending on what I do for the Super Bowl I'll probably indulge a little as well.

  3. These were cool . . . I love the straight up honest posts that are real freaking life. And #13 - story of my life. I can't fathom how folks sleep at night when they whiff on stuff they have committed to. And rent a dress - how cool is that? What do you mean never wear it again? You mean the blue dress with the giant crinoline under my bed won't be used again? Crazy talk.

  4. oh my gosh, that sucks about your chi! i bought a ghd in australia in like 2008 and my mum is still using it. i bought a ghd when i moved here in 2012 and it's still going strong.
    using rent the runway for a prom is brilliant! i would totally do that if i had a prom to go to, or kids to send to a prom lol. i love RTR!

  5. I so wish that Rent the Runway was around when we had prom - that would be amazing!! yay for your friend coming back home soon!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Regarding #9 I volunteer to go with you!! I am DYING to see Mumford & Sons and they are sold out by me :(

  7. I think that rent the run way is a brilliant idea! Prom is so damn expensive!!! So I am not sure what I miss the most but I am afraid that my first indulgence is going to introduce all the bad things at once lol. I could see how wine would be helpful if you were having your ex come fix stuff. Best of luck with that!