Listen Up.... Fives

Friday, June 24, 2016

And here we are again... another weekend upon us.  Lots going on here in Atlanta and in my world in general. Yay... you know how much I love a jam packed weekend. Maybe I can check off something from the Summer Goals list too.... hmmmm I wonder what? I have a singles match tonight I scheduled in a vain attempt to be healthy and not go out on a friday night. We'll see if that actually lasts. It is after all, Friday night. My tennis team takes on the team we are tied for 1st place with tomorrow morning and it's only going to be 97 degrees. Yipee!!! I also have my tattoo appointment tomorrow at 1... watch for snaps on that! I will be sitting for a few hours so snap me some entertaining stuff! Let's do a little Oh Hey Friday with 5 things because that's about all I can muster up today! Cheers to the weekend!


I am a huge Simon & Garfunkle fan and when anyone does a worthy remake it gives me chills. This. Is. Amazing. The Sound of Silence by Disturbed And David Draiman is hott. Two T's hott.


Music Midtown Is a huge local festival in Atlanta every fall and tickets go on sale today. $125 for a two day pass. That, is a steal of a deal. LOOK at this lineup. Guess who will be there? The only bad thing is that I have Widespread Panic tickets for friday night. 3 days in a row of concerting is going to put my old lady ways to the test.  Go with God... aka G-Eazy.


I prefer shitshow but okay...


To quote the Washington Post "Burger King's latest fast food Monstrosity is sadly genius". Making it's debut on Monday Mac n' Cheetos are deep fried mac and cheese sticks encrusted in a Cheetos flavored shell. I'll just leave that right ... there.


Does everyone have a kick ass blue tooth speaker except for me? Not anymore! My friend left hers at my house and I had it for 2 weeks before she got it back. Now of course I have to have my own JBL Pulse 2. It sounds amazing and the light show is super cool. Now we can sync ours up for even more killer sound at the pool and tennis courts. 

That's all she wrote today. Linking up with the beautiful farm gals Karli and Amy!


  1. Have you tried the mac n cheetos?! I want to know if they're good or not!

  2. i love that speaker! i have a bluetooth JBL (not as cool as that one) but it's amazing.

  3. Ahhhh Music Midtown!!!!! Gosh I miss that! I think the last time I went No Doubt was there. That tells you how long ago that was. Maybe 2003?? Now excuse me while I flee to my nearest Burger King. Holy shit.

  4. I couldn't live without my blue tooth speaker - I love listening to music while I do chores, write blogs, etc. Music Midtown is a good time . . . nothing really speaking to me this year though - for the price but more importantly, the time commitment!

  5. We are bluetooth speaker hos at our house.

  6. I'm totally going to have to use that Daily Odd Compliment on my husband. I recently go a bluetooth speaker that lights up and I love it.