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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I know I blogged just yesterday in my goals post about only linking up if necessary, welp... necessary. I feel like getting some shizzola off my chest in confession/rant form so that's what you're gonna get. 

Remember this post that I wrote on Ghosting? Ummm well yeah, guess who got ghosted twice in the last week? I have to get off Tinder... it's really, really bad you guys. One guy I made a date with last Wednesday cancelled around lunchtime saying he had to leave town for work. Then he proceeded to text me that night by accident telling me he was on his way to my house, obviously he was on his way to someone else's house who was probably willing to throw down in lieu of a first date. Here's a tip guys... Tinder is GPS based, I can see you are 15 miles away from my house when you claim to be 60 miles away. #youcantfixstupid #itakebackwhatisaid #youreanasshole

The other guy I have been chatting with for about a week and he seemed really sweet and normal. We even talked on the phone twice, like actual conversations. Haven't heard from him since Saturday. He just shut it down. I texted him Monday just to say "Hey"... nothing. One more time Tuesday... "are you ok?"... zip. May deserve one final farewell text... #IDGAF #littlestupidassbitch #igottaquittinder

fuck you real housewives of new york city real housewives of nyc go fuck yourself forget you

Does anyone watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life? I do, I got sucked in at the start and now I am invested in the characters. And also irrationally angry at the direction the show has taken. I feel like it's glorifying being morbidly obese. As a person who has always struggled with my weight it kind of offends me. Who collapses, gets taken to the ER, told to lose weight or die young basically, then goes home and eats a pizza? The same girl who compares being fat to being Muslim. I don't understand what TLC is trying to promote here. I get the "No Body Shaming" campaign Whitney is spearheading but how about let's not promote killing yourself with food because it's ok to be super fat? #itsnotok #fatisnotfabulous 

Remember how this whole Tinder thing started? Me pimping myself out to find a new mixed doubles partner? If not looka here. So yeah, I found him, he joined my team. He's 31, cute, nice, cool to hang with and a really good tennis player. We had our first win last week! He's fun to flirt with and we do a little but I think it's just tennis and I am totally cool with that. What I am not cool with is sharing him with the other ladies on my team who now want to play with him. Read my lips... NO. Not happening. You married ladies want a hot young tennis partner, get your own Tinder profile and knock yourselves out. #backoffbitches #iearnedthisone #ummjustno

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I have a big tattoo appointment on Saturday and I am a little nervous. I will be seeing the design for the first time and yikes... sitting for a few hours at least. I've only been waiting for a year or two to get an appointment with this artist though. Gonna be epic! #noturningback #paidthedeposit

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Linking up with Kathy, Nadine, Laura and Lauren... because I was pissed off and needed to vent.

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  1. Tinder is the worst. In that it can actually be super entertaining & a time killer... but that that's all it is because 99% of the people on there suck. Either they flat out don't talk to you (then why did you match?!) they ghost, or they are just awful people.

    Can't wait to see the tattoo!

  2. And that is exactly why I refuse to even try Tinder!!! Glad to know my reasons are continually validated....although sorry you had those experiences!

  3. What is wrong with guys??? Clearly it was for the best since the first one isn't smart enough to know you can see where he is or you know...text the right person and all. I get being angry about the bitches trying to steal your tennis partner. In college I took ballroom dancing and I got this guy friend to go with me and be my partner. Then this other bitch started flirting with him and asking to share him in class. Ummmmm go find your own friend to beg!

  4. Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids kills me.

    FU to the ghosters.

  5. I LOVE that you got a doubles partner from tinder - hot and a good tennis player - kudos to you girl!!

  6. Was that the Viking lumberjack!?!? What an idiot!
    Hahahaha, love that you found your tennis partner through Tinder and now the other ladies are jealous!

  7. I'm so glad someone else is noticing what's going on with My Big Fat Fabulous Life. I said the exact same thing last week. It's almost like she started the No Body Shame campaign because she doesn't want to put the effort in to lose weight so it's easier to promote acceptance. It's life or death Whitney, get it together!! P.S. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Keep on keepin' it real girl -Annie

    1. Yes it is really disturbing to me and I think irresponsible to glorify. Thank you so much for reading and the feedback!

  8. Good luck with the tattoo doll!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. Those guys are assholes . . . don't let them harsh your vibe or make you feel bad . . . you have a lot to offer, and it's really their loss. You not sharing your tennis friend is awesome - I approve! And I couldn't take Whitney after Season 1 so I quit her. Good luck with the tattoo - can't wait to see it!

  10. Can't wait to see your tat. I've never used Tinder but I've heard stories about it.