Things I Like A Lot Right Now

Friday, June 17, 2016

This might take a while.:

Well... it is the weekend after all. And it is going to be a busy one. I have dates, concerts, tennis matches, meetings, photo shoots... you know, the usual. It is supposed to cool off a little and only be in the mid 80's all weekend thank God! I did find a little time to throw together a few things I am digging on right now for the occasion so here you go...


Is everyone as excited as me about this premiering today? I am irritated to no end that I don't have time for a proper binge this weekend. Unless I stay up half the night which is highly likely. 


Big event of the weekend, my annual pilgrimage to see Skynyrd at Crock Fest only with VIP passes this year. It pays to know the beer guy.  Also in the lineup The Last Bandoleros, Molly Hatchet and  Montgomery Gentry. It's gonna be a big time... southern fun fest. I am a little bummed about the no guns thing but, still. Gotta love the South!


Speaking of fun things to do for a good cause, the talented folks at Walk The Line Tattoo in Athens, GA are putting on a benefit next week for Orlando. Sick tatties for $60 all day long and all proceeds go to the victims and their families via the Pulse Tragedy Community Fund. If you are an Atlanta local or are in the UGA area next week go check it out! Go to my IG for all of the deets and scroll to the pic.


Grilled Cheese is one of my favorite things on the planet Earth. No lie. I recently found out that there is a Tom & Chee  (of Shark Tank fame) location that at some point opened up rather close by unbeknownst to me. I am now obsessed. It is consuming my brain to know that there is grilled cheese specialty restaurant like minutes away from my office. Aaaand they make dessert grilled cheese on donuts too. And then I died. Have you had one yet? Do tell. 


I have been using a product like this by Organix for years and wonder of wonders they recently did away with it. I went without for awhile and was just about to go back to the more expensive Chi version when I found this Suave Keratin Infusion. It's amazing and for around $2.50 keeps my hair smooth and straight all day long after I flat iron. I love a good drugstore dupe!


Are  you guys into the sour beers at all? This one...  Athena....from Creature Comforts also in Athens, GA is a summer fave of mine. It's a Berliner Weisse...Light and refreshing with notes of citrus, fruit, cider and sauvignon blanc. No wonder I like it, perfect for hot days!


And just a few because I haven't done them in awhile...

Me everytime I start cleaning. And then I'm like... "injury time out, let's go to the bar". 

fail infomercial cleaning pain painful

Why do bitches always think they can be Jane of the Jungle?

America's Funniest Home Videos fail water river swing

And another one... Ladies. Just stop.

America's Funniest Home Videos fail ouch river swing

When some loser starts to talk to me in the bar and I snuggle up to the stranger next to me.

America's Funniest Home Videos funny dog fail afv

This. Is just too perfect.

America's Funniest Home Videos fail dogs fall pool

I am not a cat person but don't fuck with them.

Cat Owner Karma.gif

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and that last gif is the best, hahaha

  2. Hahaha that cat one cracked me up. I also watched the cleaning one probably a half dozen times...that's my life.

  3. OMG that cat gif! HAHAHAHAHA! that cat be like FUCK THAT GUY!

  4. Girl, I was using that Suave a while ago and my hair was falling out in clumps. Be careful with that!

  5. So awesome that tattoo place is doing that. I love it.

  6. Mid 80's??? We are still going to be low 90's here, damnit. But does it matter when the humidity is a bazillion? I guess not. That concert looks awesome! And that tattoo event is wonderful! I remember that episode of Shark Tank!!!! We have a place here called Melt that is sort of kind of similar with specialty grilled cheeses. Clearly I need to make a trip to Atlanta soon, I keep telling myself I will. I love sour beer, it is my favorite! This post is full of goodness. Have a great weekend!

  7. That opening quote - hysterical!! Hope the concert was amazing - such a fun summer activity!! We have a Tom-Chee near us but haven't tried it - now you make me want to go! Love the return of the funny gifs!! Ha!

  8. That cat. Hero. He can come live at my house and sit anywhere he wants.

  9. Suave hai care has totally upped their game and I am obsessed. Especially with the almond butter one. Definitely going to try out the Keratin one now. Love the gifs, especially the rope swings, that is why I don't rope swing. Hahahaha!