Humpday Confessions & HASHTAGS:The Good News and Bad News Edition

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's already Wednesday and that's the good news. Unfortunately I have some crappola news also to report today! But for every bad thing in my life there are probably 10 good things to be thankful for so let's run down the short list today shall we?

I woke up on Monday legit thinking it was a work day and then I was all like hoooold the phoooone... it's MFMDW that's mother-facking Memorial Day Weekend, and I did the Camille Grammar happy dance right in my bed. And then rolled over and went back to sleep.

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So yeah... remember that big job interview I went on? Well, they decided to "move forward with another candidate". It took the recruiter an entire week and a day to respond to my last email asking for a status update on where they were in their process. #Notcool... Is it just me or is this a tad unprofessional? I know I am harping but not returning an email in a timely manner is a huge pet peeve of mine. Even if I can't answer the question, solve the problem or provide any information I still answer the email within a day. This has left a bad taste in my mouth regarding the company in general which may not be fair but it also makes me think the recruiter sucks at her job. Anyway, what can I say? I think Camille has a good handle on this one too. #youlose

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I really hate the words "we have decided  to move forward with another candidate". RAGE. I don't bother asking for feedback or why's anymore. I really don't care. I figure if I have made it thru 3 rounds and it came down to me and another candidate or two it's gotta be so close that it could be something really trivial and probably is. #idoncurrr #mygiveashitisbroken

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But on the other hand, rejection smacks a little. And in my mind I am skewering myself and all of the finer points of the 2 hour interview, my outfit, my makeup, my face. Did I say something wrong? Did I talk too much, not enough? What did I miss? They all seemed so positive and into me. #newsflash #theyrenotthatintoyouAmy

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I think I said I had some good news too didn't I? Oh, yeah, so I had my consult with the tattoo artist I have been waiting to git with for a year now on Saturday. OH. EM. GEE. I am so unbelievably excited to work with her. We sat and talked through what I like and what I am envisioning and I am 100% sure it's going to be beyond what I am even imagining. I love when you talk to a creative type and you can just see the wheels turning in their brain. She was excited too which about made me want to fall over and die from the lovefest we had going on. I booked 2 appointments and plunked down my deposits so it's on! We get started on June 25th!! #inkmywholebody #justkidding #youwerescaredforaminutewerentyou

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Let's see what else is good...

  • My boss extended my contract for a few more weeks and I could not be happier. So weird how things happen. #lastcontractorstanding
  • Summer tennis starts this weekend and it's going to be hot as balls out there. I am really not ready for that but I am ready to tear up the courts with the kid from Tinder. #thatsrightisaidthekid
  • The kids are out of school and I get to sleep at least an extra 30-45 minutes every day for the next 10 weeks or so. #stillhitssnooze10times
  • My ex and I are switching to every other week for the summer instead of every other weekend. I love my kids to death but this is perhaps some of the best news yet. It's not that I am looking forward to them being gone either, it's being without laundry, cleaning, cooking and all of that crap that really makes my heart go boom boom #freeatlastfreeatlast

And this just made me laugh. Good one Teddy. Solid advice.

And that's about it for today. Linking up with all of the gals today Kathy, Nadine, Laura & Lauren.

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  1. I think the every other week during the summer is great for you and for the kids. Good plan, parents!
    Tattoo excitement!! I opened the link to her page; my first words were "holy fuck" because that girl is so freaking pretty. I also emailed also for a consult to the Sydney-based artist that I want a piece from. Fingers crossed!
    I do not envy the interview game. My husband and I have been discussing and researching what to do about our business at the end of its current lease. Re-sign? Move locations? Close and get jobs? Then, anxiety swells as I think about the job hunt and interview game.

  2. Sorry about the potential job. Not responding to an email in a timely manner, or at all, ESPECIALLY when they say they will contact you either way makes me stabby. How hard is it to just respond to my email or tell me that I did or did not get the job when you said you would?!

    Yay for the new tattoo! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done. I want a new one. I know what I want, I know where I want it, I just need the money & to figure out where to get it done & when.

  3. Ugh I hate the term they decided to move forward with another candidate too. And the fact that they took forever to tell you that is some bullshit too. They know these are peoples lives they are toying with!! Either way, I am sure that just means you haven't found the right position yet and your current situation bought you a few more weeks to do that :) Cant wait to see the new tattoo! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Girl, you didn't want that job anyway. If there is any level of respect it is getting back to people in a timely and respectable manner. #petpeeve. Woo hoo to every other week without laundry and cooking breakfast , lunch and dinner. I can't wait to see your finished ink once you're all done.