Rejection Is A Four Letter Word

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Well not really but kinda sorta. I seem to be on a bit of a roll lately. A rejection roll and I am not happy about it. I have been on a whole bunch of dates and job interviews and they have been going from bad to worse it seems. The latest one with my very own company in another role/group...DENIED. How's that for the ultimate bitch slap? So, in all fairness it was not really in my wheelhouse so to speak and I am sure that they found a candidate who was a better fit from that standpoint, but not better, just so we are clear. Moving on... again.

The Viking Lumberjack asshat that cancelled on me basically twice last week actually had the balls to text me again on Wednesday. I know... shocker... too chicken to meet face to face but hide behind your phone and text me again like nothing ever happened. He had the nerve to get shitty with me when I questioned him on why he didn't really want to meet. Not gonna lie, that smarted a little bit.  Which prompted me to literally text him "go fuck yourself Phil and lose my number". Then I blocked him. I have never used the blocking service I pay for with Verizon until now. Felt good. And then I deleted my Tinder account. I would like to say forever but most likely until the next Friday night when I am home alone bored with a bottle of wine. That's usually how Tinder hooks me... boredom and excessive alcohol.

But back to the rejection part though... it is starting to really, really get to me. Which is understandable but doesn't make it any easier.  I literally welled up a few times yesterday after I got the big job rejection email. Tears people!!! Part of me is like that's totally unacceptable but the part of me that gets ME knows I have to let it out and far better sooner than later. A little pity party in the car on the way home from your temporary job is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. Or on stage in your tiny sequined top hat...

P.S. I may have signed up for so now I can get higher quality rejection that I pay for. And also more blog material...



  1. Um, I might secretly be excited to hear about your match adventures.

  2. Rejection sucks and you are getting hit from all angles. I just know something good is going to come along for you job wise though, so just hang in there!!! One of my best friends married his first date off Match back in 2011. How's that for a pep talk?? Hopefully you will have good experiences to blog about from it and not more of WTF?!?!

  3. I signed up for Match about a month ago thinking that same thing...and UGH it's like why do I even bother?!! Good luck girl!

  4. I'm telling you, match still has it's asshats but way better quality than any of the free ones. I feel you on the job rejection girl. I'm right there with you.

  5. Virtual hugs . . . rejection is a dirty whore but you wallow in the sadness/rage, dust yourself off and go kick some ass! And glad you blocked the Viking asshat . . . what a waste of time he is. And Match might just be a great change of pace . . . can't wait to hear the tales!

  6. the paid services are way better i hear. a few of my friends have met and married their spouses through and eHarmony so you'll find better quality guys who want the same things as you. sorry to hear about the work thing; that totally sucks. but keep your head up; something is bound to come along!

  7. No matter how strong you are, back to back to back rejections are hard...but character building. We learn the most about life and ourselves in the trenches, not on top of the mountain.

    I'm disappointed in that faux viking.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about the job front - something really great is coming I just know it and as for Phil LOSER....way to go on blocking him! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I am starting the think summer just isn't the time for dating... All these Tinder/ Bumble/ Match guys in CA are along the lines of your Viking. Grrr... As for the job hunt, the right job will come along at the right time.