Overnight Oats & A Good Bill of Health!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I am soooo excited!!!

Because I made the perfect batch of overnight oats in an empty Nutella jar and snarfed that deliciousness down as soon as I got to work this morning. I got the consistency  perfect this time and less like soup. Although chocolate oatmeal soup would prolly be A-OK with yours truly. I forgot to snap a pic of what it actually looked like this morning cause I was too excited to nom nom nom but you get the idea.

And B.
NOW HERE'S THE REALLY GOOD PART... I had a follow up appointment with my cardiologist today and got all my test results back. My carotid arteries and renal arteries are in great shape! No blockages causing my high blood pressure... praise God!!! My numbers are coming down and the meds are working. He made a few more adjustments in dosage as I am still not where he wants me to be but it was all good news. I am not dying lol... and yes I am being totally mellow dramatic but when you hit the ER three times in one month you freak out. Seriously I was starting to recognize people there. Not good. And.... I can start running and playing tennis again... as long as it's not 110 degrees on the court which it could be here in July in GA. I am thrilled beyond belief. For once in my life I am making positive changes and sticking to them (because I absolutely have no choice)... but still I am proud of me!

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