10 Day Challenge - 7 Things That Cross My Mind Alot

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7 Things That Cross My Mind Alot

(in no particular order)

1. Money - Bank, Benjamins, Moolah, Dead Presidents, Dough, Large

I hate to say it but true that. I think about it all the time. How I need it, want it. How there is never enough, too many bills. When my next paycheck is coming and how long will it last. If my ex will ever pay his child support. Who I can borrow it from. Is there a way I could print my own and not get caught? Seriously... it consumes me but so do a lot of other things. I keep trying to visualize it coming to me in large piles or a big check or the winning powerball numbers or something. According to the secret this should bring it right to me.... ahem... I'm waiting... patiently. 

2. Food - Chow, Grub, Vittles, Diet, Cuisine, Fare, Sustenance

I am a foodie so just shoot me now. Oh lawd do I have food on the brain. I love cook it, eat it, serve it, decorate it, plate it, instagram it, bake it, take it, order it... you name it just never waste it! I used to think this was a bad thing because I have always struggled with my weight but now I just use it as a tool to help me plan. If I don't think about it at all I end up making bad choices when it comes to food. So I think about it a lot  and I really enjoy it. Life is too short!
This is what I made for dinner last night... don't hate... I only eat red meat once a week

3. Relationships/Men - My Boo, Ship, Ball & Chain, Luvahhh, Big Daddy

"I've been dating since I was fifteen. I'm exhausted, where is he?"
Charlotte York

This about sums up my feelings on the subject right now.

4. Exercise -Workin on My Fitness, Cross Training, Lifting, Getting Ripped

Let's just be clear here... I am currently doing none of the above but it doesn't mean that I don't think about it errrr day while I am practicing a 6 oz. curl of sauvignon blanc.  Cause I am... really thinking about it that is and feeling guilty as hell for taking the summer off except for playing on 2 tennis teams in the un-Godly GA summer heat I really don't feel guilty. Womp womp... feel sorry for me?? Well don't lol... that is super fun exercise that involves drinking if you are doing it right. But I miss my little running routine and I am on a mission to get back to it. It really does murder fat and you body starts changing instantly  and oh lawd.... I am the biggest fan if immediate gratification since Veruca Salt.

5. Sex- Schnick Scnack, Gettin Busy, Nookie, Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Ok, does this make me a guy? Cause I really do think about it a lot folks sorry I'm not sorry. And here's why... I no getting anyeee!!! No really I'm not but that's not why I think about it a lot. There are few reasons actually. Well, I'm 42 and apparently I am a reasonably hot-ish cougar type. At least that's the feed back I have been getting on the dating sites I recently took a hiatus from. I don't see it but who knew? The youngsters dig me but all they want is sex which is convenient because it's not like I could go out to hmmm... idk... say ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET  in the company of a twenty something guy and not feel like a total dirty Mrs. Robinson. So I think about it a lot because as a newly single person I had no idea that you could just get online and get you some so easily. This blows my mind... really.

6.  The Real Housewives of Where Ever You Are From

Ok so I was watching the fake news for losers last night aka OMG Insider... seriously that is the name of a real TV show ya'll google that shit... and up on the screen pops Teresa & Juicy Joe Guidice fresh out the courtroom. Turns out the reality stars are in court again for a whole buncha stuff they got caught doing that is pretty much very illegal and they are facing some serious slammer time. It got me thinking because I am seriously addicted to all of these shows... shoot me it's my guilty pleasure. All of these people have so much yet they are not happy and they are never satisfied. So much so that they are doing some really crazy shit in an effort to obtain more. I just don't get it. If I had one iota of the $$$ these ladies have I would be on my knees (hey hey now) thanking the Lord above for my blessings, not being a miserable joke on a reality show. But what do I know... I am house poor and happy:)

7. The Co-Worker In the Cube Next To Me

If you could please, please shut the fuck up once in awhile I would be ever so grateful. As much as I enjoy your stories of hornets nests, 4 am asthma attacks, amoebas that go in your nose and eat your brain, getting lost on the way to a chinese buffet, falling off a ladder, trips to the peach orchard, your fights with your mother.... I have no patience. I am sorry it is my fatal flaw. Shhhhh... woosahhhhh... just quiet yourself. That is all.

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