10 Day Challenge - Day 5 - 6 Things I Wish I'd Never Done

Thursday, August 1, 2013

6 Things I Wish I’d Never Done

I am having a hard time deciding  if I want to make this a serious post or a funny one. I have mixed emotions about a list of this nature.  My Dad has always said that if he had to live his life over he wouldn’t change a thing… no regrets. I think his theory behind that is just the way he lived his life… staying positive and always looking forward not back. I have pretty much done the same thing largely due to the fact that my Mom was the polar opposite and has spent a huge amount of time in her life dwelling on the past to the point of complete distraction… not healthy and not fun to live with.  So do I have regrets? Sure, who doesn’t? But everything I have done has led me to where I am today. I am a firm believer in the butterfly effect. I like where I am, I have a lot… a lot of good things in my very imperfect life. So do I really wish I had never done something?  Well I guess if I had to pick there are a few things…

1    1.  SMOKED – Alright on a serious note here this is one thing I really, truly regret with every fiber of my being and I wish I could take back. I have an addictive personality to begin with and this was a killer for me on and off until 11 weeks ago when I put it down for good and I will NEVER go back to being even an occasional smoker.  It’s disgusting and I was a slave to it. It’s embarrassing.  

Ok…. No more serious stuff cause I just can’t dwell on the past…

2.     I wish I’d never gotten busy in the Kroger parking lot with that guy I barely knew. Omg… I don’t so much regret the act  cause well… errrr…. It was pret-tee fun but what the hell was I thinking???? I had to be out of my mind and no I was not even slightly intoxicated… just stupid. To this day I have nightmares about explaining to people what exactly I got arrested for at Kroger.

3. Permed my hair…. If you are a child of the 80’s I know you feel me! I am sure my Mom has pics somewhere that are just too horrible for words. I distinctly remember  feeling patches of stubble on my head where my hair had broken off at the root and I guess went down the drain at the salon.  It looked a lil’ somthin like this…

4. I wish I’d never given up so easily on my college sweetheart. I will always consider him the one that got away. At the time the long distance thing just seemed so impossible… this was way before cell phones and texting and skype.  The reasons I gave up back then seem so stupid to me now… It was a 9 hour drive for God’s sake!!! I can do that now while talking, txting and skyping!!!  But thanks to FB we can still be friends and I get to see first hand how great he and his wife and kids are any time I want… big womp womp!

5.   I wish I’d never ignored my gut so many times. Like when my gut said don’t  go on the back of a wave runner in a strapless bikini top in the gulf of Mexico.  The Gulf eats bikini tops. Or the time when my gut said don’t sleep in the top bunk after drinking vodka and grape soda all night when you have white carpet on the floor below.  Or the time when my gut said birkenstocks are hideous and so are crocs… who cares if they are all the rage. Listen to your gut… always!

6.   I wish I’d never wasted so much time thinking I had all the time in the world. You don’t folks. When you are in your 20’s and even 30’s to some extent it just feels like you will be that way forever or for a really long time anyway.  And then you wake up one day and you are turning 40. I swear it happens just that fast. You get one time on this planet. Make it what you want! And if it’s not… fix it or change it!!! But DON'T do it in the Kroger parking lot!!!!


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