Relaxed weekend but feeling a lil crazy today...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sami's Shenanigans

Soooo.... it rained all weekend in Atlanta again. Shocker, I know. That's all it ever does anymore. I got in enough dry time to sit out on the deck with my bestie on Friday night and get a lil tipsy on some yummy delicious Fireball. And maybe some pomegranate vodka too but I am not sure. Whatever  it was I woke up on my living room floor at 4 a.m. fully clothed so it must have been good. You ever come home from being out and lay down on the couch (I happen to like the floor with lots of pillows and a cozy blanket) to watch TV when you just know you should drag ass up to your bed and be done with it? Well I have a terrible habit of doing this and then waking up sore like an old woman in the middle of the night to really bad infomercials wondering wth happened. Fireball happened apparently.

If you drink it our of a small pretty vintage rocks glass you look like less of a boozehound.

My weekend was pretty darn boring due to the abundance of rain and my lack of interest in going out in it. I did manage to squeeze in a little shopping time with my girls on Sat. and Sunday. Olivia and I hit Old Navy on Saturday and I found this and just had to have it... splurge but sooo cute.

The picture is not that great but it's really cute!

 And now for the crazy part. In between napping  and shopping I signed up to do this in 12 weeks.

My other Bestie and I have been looking for some motivation and something to train for. Both of us have been wanting to do a mud/obstacle run so here goes nothing!! Anyone have any advice out there? Training tips, plans? Idk what the hell I'm doing but I think it should be super fun:) This will also help me get in a little better shape for my weekend in Tuscaloosa with Mr. Chicago in November. Just to clarify there will be no mud or obstacles on that weekend just football and beer drinking and adult fun!

Not much in the way of Shenanigan's this weekend but heading to lake on Sat. with 10 girls so I am sure I will make up for it!!

Have a Great Week everybody!!

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