#U WANT IT....Goals for the Dirty 30

Thursday, August 29, 2013

No I am not turning 30. I am not referring to some insane Cross Fit work out. Or a mud run in Oklahoma.

So.... I have been thinking about the goals I need to set and what I need to get accomplished in the near future. I am not very good at sticking to things when I set a long term goal. I don't know why but I think it is because life is always evolving for me right now and I just need to adapt... a lot. So why do I keep beating myself to a pulp for bagging out on these seemingly unattainable goals? And how can I set goals that I can stick to? Because I think it's really important to complete things, it says something about you as an individual. A lot about you actually. I hate things being left undone, it drives me crazy. I think it is the Virgo in me for sure. Yet I am the worst offender... ugh. Except when it comes to wine, that I always finish.

The more I think about my life right now the more I have come to realize that it revolves around the 30 days of the month. I know every one's does so that actually sounds moronic but stay with me... My biggest struggle right now is paying my mortgage. That is my biggest source of stress and constantly on my mind. I must be done every 30 days or in 90 days or so I'll be a bag lady with a coach bag and a ballin SUV rollin on 22's. And by that I mean I will be living in my car... with my 3 kids!! All the bills need to be paid every 30 days in fact and for the most part I am achieving that goal. Ok... some are late and some I am perpetually a month behind on but you see what I am getting at here. I can do things in 30 days. I can focus that far ahead at least and stick to some semblance of a plan. Push it out to 3 or 6 mos and you might as well set a goal for me to be twerking Robin Thicke on national television... shit's not likely to happen.

And it would have been a cryin shame not to find a place to work this into my blog this week. Too Good Miles... it's just too asstabulous. Thank you.

I think my new time frame for goal setting is the next 30 days... the Dirty 30. I can get some shit done in 30 days. It's not overwhelming to me. I can think that far in advance without feeling a panic attack coming on and reaching for the xanax and box o' wine. And maybe just for shits and giggles since I put 5 things down there on my list I should make the goal to finish 3 things so if I get 50% done  I am still an underachiever and very bad at percentages still winner winner catfish dinner? Does that make me sound like too much of a slacker? I am a single Mom with 3 kids so sue me.

So here's what I'm thinkin I wanna do...

The Diet Bet - Weigh in 9-30-13 - 4% Weight Loss w/ Skinny Meg & company
(I paid $25 bills for this so I'm doin it)
The Shred - Complete It
My Fitness Pal - Tracking 5 days a week min.
Training for Fire Fly Run 5k on 10-5-13
(Don't laugh that I am training for 3 miles)

Training progress for Ruckus Run 5k w/ Bethany (Mud & Obstacles) 
(I have to get on this now but it's ongoing till Nov.)

And on top of all of that all 3 of my kids have sports, my birthday is in a week, tennis season starts (aka my drinking team has a tennis problem), I'm going to Tallahassee to cheer on my Noles' for a weekend, college football starts, pro football starts and it's Fall which is my favorite time of year!!

 How much more can I pack in here??? 

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